Best Cydia Movie App for iOS 5, 6, 7, 8 – Support iPhone, iPad

How to download movies with Cydia ? We can see thousands of movies consist Apple App Store. But all of these movies and TV shows sell more than 10 $. But if you are Cydia user, Follow this method to download movies without spending money. This application is “ Movie Box ” and support for unjailbroken and jailbroken devices. Follow this method to install Movie Box App with your Cydia application.

Install Movie Box with Cydia

Steps to install Movie Box with Cydia (Jailbroken Users)

Follow this method if you are using iOS 7 and 8 version

  • Open Cydia application — > Click “ Sources ” – – > “ Edit ” – – > “ Add
  • Then type following URL to add Cydia repo (source) to your device

  • You can see this repo is adding to your device. Click “ Return to Cydia 
  • Open   “ Sources ”  and click insanelyi repo – – > Click  Search – – > Type “ Movie Box ” to search
  • Select “Movie Box 3 ” and click install

(You can see Movie Box is installing to your device)

  • Open  Movie Box, You can see thousands of videos ready with Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos


Follow this method if you are iOS 5, 6 user

  • Movie Box installation process is same as we have mentioned above, You need to install this repo instead of insanelyi repo.

  • Then open dtathemes repo and search “ Movie Box
  • Then select Movie Box 5 & 6, If you are iOS 5 and 6 user.

Note – Movie Box also support for unjailbroken devices, You can use vShare application to install within few minutes. If you are not Cydia user follow this method to get Movie Box.

Click Here to follow more info… MovieBox

Install Movie Box without Cydia (UnJailbroken Users)

  • First install vShare for your iDevice
  • Second search “ Movie Box ” and download into your device. Click Movie Box and install into your device.
  • Now your unjailbroken device is ready with Movie Box

Also Movie Box ready to install with following URL’S

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