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cydiainstaller.net is only tutorial blog which will help to install Cydia application for your device. Cydia is owned by Jay Freeman and his company SaurikIT LLC. We are not affiliated with Cydia and Cydia company. Cydia Logo and Trademark owned by respective developers and their company SaurikIT LLC. Users can follow our guides to install Cydia application for their devices. Real Cydia application is unable to download with paid applications. Any website is selling Cydia means Cydia scams. You can contact Saurik and their company SaurikIT LLC if any scam found related with Cydia. We need to thanks for Saurik for this great development.

Cydiainstaller.net provides most valuable information for people who are interesting for Cydia and jailbreaking. Our team consist software developers and jailbreak experts. We are happily introduce Cydia install methods for jailbreak new comers. This installer has developed as simple downloader which has useful guides for users. This application ready to download with top software sites such as CNET, freewarefiles. Also such more Windows and Ios applications ready to install for users as our team products. We have developed cydiainstaller.net as blog for our loving users, most users need such more information related with Cydia and jailbreaking. Our developers and jailbreak experts like to share their knowledge with you. Their tested genuine step by steps guides will properly guide users for real path. If any matter related with Cydia and jailbreaking process, you can Contact Us. We are happy to answer for your questions. Our team happily give instructions and information for jailbreaking, Apple news, Applications and devices trips and tricks, such more information for users. Our main mission is to give real solution for users, If any matter related with posts you can comments with us. Please do not send spammy comments. This is wasting all of us valuable time.
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19 Comments on “About Us

    • Use Cydia Impactor to uninstall Cydia. Otherwise if you upgrade device into latest version, Cydia will automatically uninstall

  1. Hi, i have an iphone 4 with ios version 5.1.1 and i was trying to upgrade the cydia and when i did that my iphone just stop working. it’s on but the screen touch doens’t work, what can i do?

  2. I got the Cydia app on my iphone 6 9.2.1 but it’s a fake one so it says “please jailbreak your device to install Cydia, otherwise you have already install the fake Cydiafor your device” and now for my big question: How do i jailbreak it so it can be a real one.

    • jailbreak for iOS 9.1, 9.2, 9.2.1 not available this moment. Therefore you are not allow to Cydia download your iOS 9.2.1 running device. Please wait until jailbreak release for your iOS version. Do NOT use fake software with your valuable device

  3. Dear sir
    If I buy a cydia from your website and install it on one of my iPhone 5 how can I install it on my other device mean my other iPhone and other iPad

    • Cydia is a free application developed by Mr. Jay Freeman. No need to buy with any service/website. You can install Cydia for any device with jailbreak. But Cydia need to compatible for your device iOS model.

  4. Dir sir
    To install cydia from your website I choose iphone then iPhone 5 s then iOS 9.2.1 then where is the file cydia to install it

  5. Will cydia work on my iPhone 6 and on iPhone 6 Plus? How much does this app cost? How do I know it will work on both iPhones ?
    How difficult is to jailbreak an iPhone?

    • Cydia is a free application to use for all iOS users. If you are on iOS 9.1 or lover version, then you are able to install Cydia for any device through jailbreak process without any doubt. We have given all the information you need to jailbreak

  6. Hi,

    my iPad 1 w iOS 5.1.1 and Cydia (giving me Kodi 14) has been running flawlessly for a long time. For some reason I had to install some tweaks recommended in Cydia. One of them was intended to make apps build for small screens expand to full size. Instead it make my iPad 1 look like an enlarged iPhone, and every app is now the size of an early iphone. Unfortunately i cannot access any buttons in any apps, so I cannot un-do the damage done.

    Is there a was around it?

    kind regards, and thanks for all the hard work

  7. how to jailbreak my iphone4s running on ios 9.3.5. I know this is the stable version so can I downgrade ios 9.3.3 jailbreak version…

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