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Install Cydia iPod Touch devices

As a iPod user, Cydia is the must have app for your device. It consists of thousands of cool Apps & tools that are not available in Apple App Store. Cydia Apps give you to unlimited customization & features than Apple gives you. There are more functionalists to improve power of your iPod Touch device in Cydia Apps. Cydia installed iPod Touch device means, more powerful more convenience and limitless fully-loaded device rather than which is not installed Cydia. Just install Cydia on your iPod Touch device and feel the difference.!

Here you are able to install Cydia for almost all iPod Touch devices. You can follow our instructions for effort less Cydia installations. It is clear & easy to you to install Cydia for your iPod Touch with We ensure 100% trusted & secure Cydia installation for you.

cydia ipod

Select your device model &  firmware version to install Cydia :

iPod Touch 6 users : Select iOS version

iPod Touch 5th generation users : select your firmware version

iPod Touch 4th generation users : select your firmware version
iPod Touch 3rd generation users : select your firmware version

83 Comments on “Cydia iPod

  1. Well I meed help . I have an iPod 5 th gen. I have it jailbroken and cydia but when I downlode any app . I get an error code 2 .
    ( error code 2 . Can y one help me with this problem . That’s everyhing I download . Please help

  2. Excuse me, but there is errors in this page. First, the iPod touch 4 DID NOT receive updates 4.2.5 – 4.2.10 and DID NOT receive 6.1.4 or 6.0.2. The iPod touch 5 DID NOT receive iOS 6.0.2 or 6.1.4 and 6.1.5. Also, iPod 5 did not receive 7.0.5. That was a bug fixer for iPhone 5S and 5C in China. Thank you.

    • No because it’s a server-sided game. If your account doesn’t match what the server has saved your game will reload. It is not possible, nor was it ever possible and never will be possible to hack clash gems.

    • JB is not effect to upgrade your device. If your unable to upgrade to iOS 5.1.1, try to upgrade another version. Then you can upgrade for 5.1.1

  3. ik probeer me ipod5 tuch te jailbraeken maar het lukt nie wat moet ik doen
    graag antwoord ziet er massas cool uit me vrienden willen dit ook

    • We have not provided guides for lower versions. Bec only few users are using these devices.

      Please follow SpiritJB, 2.0 to install Cydia. Before jailbreak follow instructions and backup your device

  4. Hi I cannot downloadingthe program about the iPod Touch 2nd generation users : select your firmware version

    iOS 4.2.1
    bacause i cannot click on the icon of its.
    is there any possibilities to get it ?

    • We have not mentioned for iPod 2G – 4.2.1, Bec only few members are using these iOS versions. However check back later. We hope to update well

    • You can use Jailbreakme 2.0 / SpiritJB to install Cydia.
      1. Backup your device
      2. Run above tool to install Cydia application

    • We have seen jailbreak and Cydia scam sites. All these sites not giving anything for users. Please protect your device and money, Please bookmark or touch with us.

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