If you are willing to use a third party app store beyond Apple app store/Google Play store,here we have one that world famous app store TutuApp.This will help you to find out your favorite app/game that your default app store doesn’t allow you to download on your own mobile phone freely.We have a lot to talk about this amazing application.Moreover we recommend this application as the best third party free app store in 2022 without any competition.

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  • TutuApp Download & Install(iOS & Android)
  • Common TutuApp Errors & Fixing
  • How To Remove 100% TutuApp from your device
  • Further details on TutuApp

TutuApp Download & Install

We do expect to give you a complete tutorial guide separately to apply on your Android as well as iOS running smart device.

TutuApp Download & Install On iOS

Currently you can download & install TutuApp Lite version on your device.So please follow the instructions to make it happening.

  • Step 01:Use the download link to direct on our download page
  • Step 02:Then choose your pathway to download TutuApp iOS version
  • Step 03:Tap on downloading link
  • Step 04:Will be appeared a prompted message & Allow it
  • Step 05:Then you will be received a message read & close it
  • Step 06:Then navigate respectively following steps which express via images.Please go to your device Settings>>General>>Profiles
  • Step 07:Tap on the TutuApp Lite Profile
  • Step 08:Tap On Install
  • Step 09:Provide your passcode to continue the process
  • Step 10:Again tap Install
  • Step 11:Tap on prompted message red color Install option
  • Then tap Done & go to your Home screen to use this giant.

TutuApp Download & Install On Android

TutuApp APK version download is very easy to perform on your device without any effort.

  • Step 01:Please use the download button and go to the download page & select your platform.
  • Step 02:Then hit the download button and you will be directed to the official TutuApp download page.
  • Step 03:Tap on Download button
  • Step 04:TutuApp APK file will start to download
  • Step 05:Then tap Open & continue the process with following steps.

TutuApp Common Errors & Fixing Way

Some few issues are appearing with TutuApp due to very simple reasons.Let’s find out and solve those things within few seconds. If you are unable to install TuTuApp, We can recommend to follow Panda Helper application for your devices.

01).White/Blank screen or different color icon

  • Go to settings
  • Clear website data on Safari(Clear history)

02).Can’t you verify the App ?

  • Delete the downloaded app/Uninstall
  • Then follow back the same process
  • Now go to settings & try to verify again
  • This will be worked

03).TutuApp Downloading Errors

This might be cause your device storage problem or another reason.So please remove all unnecessary data and reboot your device once.Then try to download back.This will be worked.

04).Most of apps/games are not downloadable

This error we can’t fix anymore. Specially this occurs on iOS platform.Currently iOS firmware supportive this application’s Lite version only. Till they released its original version you will be limited with this application.

How To remove Completely TutuApp From Your Device   

  1. Go to Settings>>Profile>>Remove Profile
  2. Long press on the TutuApp icon and remove it