Cydia FAQ

Cydia FAQ

Follow our Cydia FAQ page to find solution for your question. We have mentioned most common matters users are asking.

FAQ  about Cydia – Jailbreak

What is Cydia ?
Cydia is best third party app developed for the jailbroken iOS devices. This app can install with the jailbreaking process, Click Here to follow more information.

Is Cydia  a App Store ?
Yes, this is alternative app store consist thousands of applications and themes. This store has much more free applications and also Paid apps. You can get unbelievable features with Cydia. Follow us and take Cydia for your device successfully.

Can Cydia install for my iPhone, iPad and iPod ?
Yes. Cydia can be installed on all iDevices like iPhones, iPads & iPods successfully. Follow our tutorial guides to get Cydia for your device..

Cydia supports iOS versions and Devices
Devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
This moment Cydia can install on all devices which are running iOS 8.4 or lower versions.

Cydia not supports Devices and iOS versions
Cydia still not supports for Apple Watch and Apple TV devices.
This moment Cydia cannot be installed on iOS 8.4.1 running devices

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Is Cydia in Apple’s official App Store?
No. Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store. Also, it is not in a website to download.

How to download & install Cydia for my iDevice?
Cydia install process for idevice is different. I cannot download & install Cydia directly my iPhone, iPad or iPod. There is a special procedure is called Jailbreaking to install Cydia for any iOS device. We recommend to use our jailbreak page for more information

What is Jailbreaking?
If Simply says, the process of Cydia download & install is called jailbreaking. This removes limitations & restrictions of Apples on iOS devices. This lets you to manage & customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod limitless & freely.  Read more..[ ]

How can i select jailbreak software for my device?
Jailbreak software varies according to your device’s iOS version. As well as the computer platform you use. Therefore you should consider your iOS version & computer use before select a jailbreak tool.

Can Cydia install without jailbreak ?
No. Cydia is only available with jailbreaking apps. If you use Cydia without jailbreak means you have installed faked apps to your er device.

How to delete Cydia ? Can jailbreak reversible ?
If you already installed Cydia with jailbreak application, Do not go to delete Cydia App. jailbreak is fully reversible. For unjailbreak your device, just you can restore your device with iTunes. Same as your jailbreak will be gone after update device into another firmware version. So..yes, jailbreak is reversible.

Update# : Now you can unjailbreak your device with remove Cydia easily just a one click. Therefore, there is a special tool has introduced in Cydia store called “Cydia Impactor“. Using this tool simply you can unjailbreak your device without updating your device’s firmware. You only have to download & install Cydia Impactor app in Cydia and execute it. That’s all, you will be on the original stock iOS version without Cydia or jailbreak. Read more about Cydia Impactor..

Is Jailbreak and Cydia are Legal apps ?
Apple do not allow to install third party applications for their devices. Jailbreak is Legal procedure and you can install Cydia this application without any issue. Because, you have the right for modify your own device.  But, Apple may cancel your device warranty if it is within warranty period. Therefore, before go to the Apple retail store to claim warranty, just restore your device with iTunes. Then, your device will put in to the original status & there is no way to find your device have jailbroken.

Can Jailbreak use for unlock your device ?
No, Jailbreak does not use for carrier unlock, All users need to activate device before use Jailbreak tools.

11 Comments on “Cydia FAQ

  1. When I try to install Appsync for IOS 8.4 or any other the following error message appears:
    Not possible to apply the modifications due to a dependency os requisites or conflicts not possible to detect or resolve aotomatically.
    depends mobilesubstrate>=0.9.5100
    Is thera solution for this issue?

  2. Thanks, I have know a little about of jailbreak. How many times for waiting jailbreak. Now what is the mean of semi jailbreak .

    • Actually there is no semi jailbreak in real. However, some persons & websites are providing users to fake tools & methods as semi jailbreak. Please be careful that will harm your valuable data & device.

  3. After jailbreak, is it possible to use itunes to backup data?
    and if I need to restore the phone for warranty, can I simply restore with the last backup or do I need to use the last backup before jailbreak?

  4. cydia downloading tweaks verry slow please help sir plaease , i use goblin jailbeak, i have iphone 6 plus … tweaks taking to much time for download sloww spped , but i have fast internet connection please help

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