Cydia iPad

Install Cydia for iPad devices

Cydia is an application software developed for runs on iOS devices and which gives thousands of Apps for you to customize & improve performance of your device. Unlike Apples Apps, Cydia Apps let user to do things without limitations of Apple. When you installed Cydia on your iPad, then you will be able to limitless customization, add new features and fully control all over your device.

How can I download & install Cydia

Answer is you can not download & install Cydia directly your iPad device from anywhere. It only can install via the process call jailbreak. If you want to know more about jailbreak, go to this link. iOS jailbreaking

But, be happy! here now you can easily install Cydia on your iPad without any sound knowledge of jailbreaking iOS. We supply all necessary information and guides for your Cydia installation Succeeded. Only you have to select correct information about your iPad device & running iOS

What is your iPad device?


10.5-inch iPad Pro Users – Select your iOS version


12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) Users – Choose your iOS version


iPad 5 (2017) users – Choose your iOS version


9.7-inch iPad Pro Users – Choose your iOS version


12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation) Users – Choose your iOS version


iPad Air 2 users – Select your iOS version


iPad Air Users : choose your iOS version


iPad 4 users – Select your iOS version


iPad 3 users – Select your iOS version


iPad 2 users : choose your iOS version


iPad Mini 4 Users – Choose your iOS version


Mini 3 users : Choose your iOS version


iPad Mini 2 : Select your iOS version


iPad Mini : Select your iOS version

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    Cydia is awesome

  8. Roheen says:

    How can I download full version without computer

  9. Roheen says:

    I can’t download it from safari

    • admin says:

      You can not Cydia download directly for your device through the mobile safari and have to get help of a computer. First jailbreak your device and then Cydia can be downloaded.

  10. Jyotiraditya says:

    Cydia is very nice

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    How to download Cydia on iPad 2 8.1.3

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    How do I download cydia

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  14. Jerome kyle says:

    How can i download CYDIA and if i jailbreaked my device how can i not jailbreak it again?

    • admin says:

      Select your iOS version & go ahead to download Cydia. It is simple, remove jailbreak. Just restore your device using iTunes, then it will be in original state.

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    How to install (xmod game)

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    Why I cant download for ios4.3.3?

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    • admin says:

      الثابتة والمتنقلة اتبع هذا المنصب. استخدام الترجمة جوجل للغة العربية

  35. AngelGamer58 says:

    My device is ios 8.4

  36. Adham says:

    I love cidya

  37. Lama Face says:

    I can’t download cydia

    • admin says:

      You need to jailbreak iPad to install Cydia .Select your device iOS & download jailbreak tool. Follow our complete tutorial guides to do jailbreak properly.

  38. Nevan says:

    I don’t now how to hack

    • admin says:

      This method is called jailbreak. Jailbreak tool allows to install Cydia for your iDevices.
      1. Follow instructions and Download tool
      2. Jailbreak device and get Cydia

  39. حسين says:

    I love

  40. irfan says:

    how to install cydia in my ipad model MD526ZP/A version 8.4.1? thx a lot

    • admin says:

      This moment you are not able to install Cydia for your iPad. Because your iOS version 8.4.1 not supports for Cydia yet. Wait for iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak release, then we’ll give you to all necessary information.

  41. Masla says:

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  42. Rashid Yassin says:

    I don’t know how I download cydia on ipad4 gen cdma

  43. Heng Ching Laing says:

    Good website

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    What do you use Cydia for

  45. Gem says:

    Im desperately trying to update my iPad (1st gen) but am stuck on its 5.1.1 and can’t find a link above. Can anybody pls help me. Thank u in advance 🙂

  46. Duke onoyake says:

    Why can’t I download cydia for 5.1.1 version

  47. Ami says:

    How to crack my iPad ,iOS 5.1.1

  48. Hasif says:

    How do u know ur iOS?

  49. Ami says:

    How can I download cydia on my iPad iOS 5.1.1

  50. Lol says:

    How do I download Cydia on to my iPad mini

    • admin says:

      Pls message with your iOS version. Select your iOS version under iPad and follow jailbreak guides to install Cydia

  51. Fallen Angel says:

    I want Cydia for iPad IOS 9.1 please

  52. Budisantoso says:

    Chia is good

  53. Jamike says:

    What about Cydia for upcoming iPad Air 3 ?

    • admin says:

      The new Pad Air 3 will be released in March 2016 with iOS 9.2.1 version. Most probably, upcoming iOS 9.2/9.1 jailbreak will not be supported for iOS 9.2.1. So, Cydia for iPad Air 3 might be not happened with next jailbreak release..

  54. Ziyan says:

    How to download cydia for iPad mini

    • admin says:

      What is your iOS version ? We have given all guides to install Cydia, Select your device iOS and download jb tool to install Cydia.

  55. Gill jatt says:

    How can i jailbreak my ipad?

    • admin says:

      You need to download jailbreak tool suitable with your device iOS version. Then follow instructions as we mentioned
      — First backup your device
      — Then follow our guides (Better to follow Youtube video’s regarding jailbreak tool)
      — Then install Cydia with jailbreak to your iPad

      Any matter message to us

  56. Pony says:

    How can I download a d install cydia for my iPad 1/iOS 5.i

  57. Kingston says:

    how to I get cydia installer my ios 9.2

  58. +NoGameNoLife+ says:

    can u teach me how to install cydia in my ipad 1?

    • admin says:

      These are the main things
      — You need to jailbreak device to install Cydia
      — Please message your iOS version to us or follow complete guides compatible with your iOS version.
      — Then follow instructions properly to install Cydia app for your iPad 1

  59. Alexis aguilar says:

    I need help with my ipad 1st generation… Help me plssssss i cant install apps

  60. Bilal rasool says:

    I need Cydia and also need what’s app for my iPad 3 mini cellular
    Will you please guide me

  61. Arnaldo colon says:

    How do I download this plz tell me!!!! I have been trying to download it but I can’t!!!


    • admin says:

      Select your iOS version to visit jailbreak status to install Cydia. What is your iPad iOS version ? Settings — > General — > About

  62. Rome says:

    How can i download cydia direct to my ipad 2 my ios is 9.3.2

    • admin says:

      Sorry, Your iPad 2 device unable to install Cydia now. Please take care with fake Cydia apps support for iOS 9.3.2.

  63. Thelionater says:

    Sorry But can you explain what I have to do to get Cydia

  64. Xander says:

    Hi. I want to hack Mortal Kombat X and i need cidya. Can i use it without jailbreak my Ipad? And how can i download it?

  65. Katina says:

    I need to find away to download a program to update iOS 5.1.1 I need to up date it to 6.1 or higher

  66. Semion Ceban says:

    I love this app

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    Thes it’s ok

  68. Jim says:

    I have iPad OS 10,3.3
    Model MP2F2LL/A
    What download should I use? Thanks!

  69. Didier says:

    When jailbreak for IPad 2 iOS 10.3.3?

    • admin says:

      iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak will not release this moment. Better to upgrade iOS 11 after jailbreak release for public.