Cydia Errors

Jailbreak means freedom for your Apple devices. Actually you can feel real features in your device with Cydia application. Perhaps some users will faced errors with Cydia application. We like to mentioned commonly happened errors as follows. Why users happened these errors ? How to solve these errors ? These are most important for all Cydia and Jailbreak users.




GPG Error is mainly depend with the Cydia Server (This is not error with your device).  Mostly this error occurred with overflow servers by old and new users. This means user access repository is not configured correctly, Therefore please ignore these errors and process after few minutes.

—  Error : POSIX : Connection refresh and Operation timeout

POSIX Error commonly happened with the internet connection error. User access repository server is not responding, So please try to access after few minutes to avoid this error. If this error happened again and again, Better to remove repository.

Solution for Apple ID/Cydia Server Errors

— Cydia Disappear in Jailbroken devices

This is one of the common error happened with some users. Some persons Cydia has gone accidently, Is Cydia working with their devices ? This will be useful to you.

22 Comments on “Cydia Errors

  1. Installed cydia but it’s not working
    Everytime I open something it comes to the payment platform, I’ve already paid for my premium membership and NOTHING

    Or I see this qhenever I try to open something
    ReferanceError: can’t find variable: Cydia

    • seems you have installed fake app for your device. We can help you, What is your iOS version & device model? Please remember Cydia still can not be installed on iOS 9.3.4 & 9.3.5

    • If you pay to get Cydia means scam. Do not need to Pay to get Cydia. Cydia is a completely free application.
      We will inform you when jailbreak release. Better to touch with us using Facebook, Twitter or G+

  2. Hey,

    I got Cydia from here not to long ago,and it crashed the first time so I waited till it became stabler and it crashes everytime.I’ll restart and redo the jailbreak.I even will delete yalu and redo it and it still crashes.Please help!

  3. CYDIA impactor for windows says Jailbreak.cpp:519 link failed File exist.
    I am trying to Root Sony TV NSZ-GS7/8

    any suggestions?

  4. i have downloaded the installer but when i click on compatibility in the app, nothing pops up

  5. hey..i have iphone 5s and i just installed cydia and paid $10 to get premium membership..still im not able to do anything with cydia..i have ios 11.1 …i bought cydia from CydiaMate.. dude can u help?? they are not even responding my emails and msgs..

  6. cydia downloading tweaks verry slow please help sir plaease , i use goblin jailbeak, i have iphone 6 plus … tweaks taking to much time for download sloww spped , but i have fast internet connection please help

  7. Hello

    I have cydia 1.1.30 on my Ipad 4 iOS 10.3.3 installed via Helix.
    Sadly I cannoot login, since when I try Facebook option it just crashes, and with Google option it just has me waiting until the end of times.

    I read around that i need Cydia 1.1.28 but this is easier said than done, at least for me.

    So simple is my question…how can I solve this conundrum dear Sir?

    Thanks for the assistance.

  8. My Codina keeps crashing upon opening and all of my Cydia source apps won’t work and I don’t have a of or Mac and can’t delete Cydia or restart springboard I need Help!

  9. I’m trying to jailbreak iPad . iOS 5.1,1 and it won’t work. I installed cydia but when I try to jailbreak I cand get it into that mode please help, don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  10. I jailbreake my iphone 7 ios 11.0.3 but cydia has been deleted accedntaly,,I have tried all the ways given on youtube but i cant recover cydia,,plz plz plz guide me complete and correct method,,,

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