Cydia Sources after jailbreak your Device

What is Cydia source ? Bundle of Cydia apps list is called Cydia sources. These sources includes many Cydia applications. Cydia store consist list of these Cydia sources. If you are new to jailbreak, you may be new to Cydia sources. We like to give tutorial guide for all Cydia users for install sources for your devices.

What are top Cydia sources

These are the top 8 Cydia sources most users are using with their jailbroken devices. These are most popular 8 Cydia sources within users. You are unable to add Cydia sources without jailbreak,



Cydia/Telesphoreo CYDIA/APT URL –


Xsellize CYDIA/APT URL –



iPhonecake CYDIA/APT URL –

Insanelyi CYDIA/APT URL –

Is Cydia sources safe to install

Yes, Most of the sources can trust for your device. But, please add popular sources for your device. This is help to protect your device with unwanted applications. We like to show most wanted applications for our loving users. Follow us and customize your device as you need with this nice applications.

How to install Cydia sources

It’s Easy to install Cydia sources for your device. Follow these simple steps to download and install it for your device.

Open Cydia and click Sources — > Edit

Edit Cydia source

Then click Add to enter Cydia source URL

Click Add Cydia source

Then Enter URL and click Add Source to install it for your device

Enter Source URL

You can see Warning message form Cydia, Click Add Anyway to install into your device

Click Add anyway to install

Cydia will be reloading source and install into your device. This will take few seconds to complete. After installation completed, Click return to Cydia button.


reloading and installing


Cydia source completed

This may be useful for Cydia beginners. You can see thousands of Apps are ready with Sources.

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    • Yes, Users unable to install Cydia application without jailbreak. These tools are not installing real Cydia application

  1. Ran pangs jailbreak7.1.2 no cydia try to rerun can’t do already jail broken ???wtf Reyes reboot and reset just sticks in bootlooptill force

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