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Download Cydia for iPhone devices  [iOS 14 – 5]

Welcome Apple iPhone users ! Here you can download & install Cydia for any iPhone models successfully using our jailbreak wizard. We like to show all necessary instructions as simply as possible for you. This official web service provides instant Cydia installation facility for iPhone users for free of charge. We strongly recommend, always follow official tools & instructions for success your Cydia iPhone installation process, other vice it may harm your valuable device & data.

Please remember, jailbreaking is the only possible way to download real Cydia for any iOS device. Therefore you also can not bypass jailbreak process. According to your iPhone model & iOS version, Cydia install jailbreak software & method vary. If you follow correct method & tool, then Cydia can be easily downloaded for your iPhone.

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iPhone 11 Users – Select your firmware version

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iPhone 8 / 8 Plus users – Select your firmware version

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iPhone SE Users – Select firmware version

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus users – Select your firmware version

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172 Comments on “Cydia iPhone

    • Hello i am using iphone 3g Modem firmware 6.15 how can i update my cydia because i can’t search anything. Thank you

    • Can you please tell me how to install a full free vesion cydia in I phone 7. I tried several times but cydia not working. It is asking a memberships. So please send me installation link to me

      • Cydia not need membership. This is app store released for jailbroken Apple devices. Paid Cydia membership means fake Cydia application. What is your iOS version. I think your device not compatible to install real Cydia app now. So please wait until jailbreak tool release for public users.

        • Sorry guy! We currently not supported for idevice Unlocking. This site for iOS jailbreaking & install Cydia on iPhone, iPad & iPod. iOS jailbreaking & unlocking are different field. Unlocking gives you to freedom of use cellular service, but Cydia with jailbreak bring users to freedom for customize the idevice as they wish.

    • i wish to install cydia on my iphone 3gs and then try to update it to install other apps such as facebook and ebay.Can you help?

    • Mac version of iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak is not yet released by the TaiG. If want, you can run Windows virtual machine on your Mac & run TaiG windows version on it. But it is bit complicated. TaiG works for Mac version now

  1. Hello! I have an iPhone 5 and I want to install music to iphone library. Many people said that you can do it only with iFile from Cydia, and now I would like to install Cydia for iOS 8.1.2. Can you help me how to install it for free? Please!

  2. I upgraded to 6.1.6 and used all of the jailbreaking devices and it still doesn’t download cydia/neither does

    • This moment you are unable to install Cydia. Wait and Touch with us. Do not use un-trusted services to install Cydia, this will cause to brick your device.

    • Cydia is still not supported for iOS 8.3 version. Always use trusted & official service for your Cydia installation. is the real place for you to install Cydia for any iOS device. You are 100% free & safe with us.

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    ¢αи’т αffσя∂ тσ ωαιт ѕσ ℓσиg
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  4. Let me know Cydia will be free work on carrier actually last night i updated my iphone three but after update server is temporarily unavailable… Make this one Cydia rid out me to this cellular problem…

    • This time your unable to use Cydia for iOS 8.3 version. Bookmark us to find latest Cydia news and guides

  5. Pls any update w/ 8.3 version 5s?
    I really need that apps
    Pls admin help us out here
    We are begging you
    Tell us the good news

  6. Admin pls give us good news
    We cant wait the cydia apps in 8.3 in 5s..

    • You need to jailbreak your device to install Cydia. Follow our complete guides, Better to get our iCydia app for your iPhone. Any matter message to us.

  7. I already installed the latest version in itunes and i install as well the taigjbreak but still this msg has come “apple driver hasnt been found.”
    Pls give the link to download taigjbreak tool

  8. I have iPhone 4 it has been already jailbreaked , someone did it before me but i still cant bet cydia , help me pls

  9. My installed packages wiped of when I was download some items without my knownlegde.What do I do to have them back? Tnx

    • Do not install apps with un-trusted sources. This will better to your device.

  10. Admin am stil waiting patiently for it reply to my need,I make use of iPhone 2G. Tnx I really want to get going wit my Cydia

    • You can get Cydia within few steps, Select Device –> iOS and use tool for jailbreak your device.

    • Anda dapat menggunakan dengan Jailbreak .

      1. Klik tombol download kami
      2. Ikuti panduan disebutkan di bawah perangkat iOS
      3. Dapatkan Cydia dengan Jailbreak

  11. I have an iPhone 3G and every time I try to click on firmware virsion it doesn’t do anything please help

  12. Bonjour j’ai un iPhone 4.4.2 pouvez vous me donner le lien pour télécharger cydia merci

  13. need to install cydia,iphone 3g ios 4.1,. b’coz i lost my cydia on my iphone and very slow… me,,,,god bless u….all,tanx

    • You can use Redsn0w 0.9.6b6 and Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 tools for jailbreak and install Cydia. We never mentioned all the guides because only few users are using these devices. However we hope to give all the guides in the future

    • iPhone 7 will release most latest iOS version. Perhaps may be with iOS 10, Jailbreak will be ready with latest iOS versions. This means Cydia also with your iPhone 7

  14. ممكن مساعدة عند تثبيت السيدية **عمل جيل بريك**
    لدي مشكلة في الالعاب التي بنظام ايسوز 4.3..5. . لا تعمل ما هو الحل
    يثبت ايزو 7 فقط
    انتظر الرد بليزززززززززززز

    • نعم ، أفضل لتحديث الجهاز إلى دائرة الرقابة الداخلية 7. الثابتة والمتنقلة احتياطية أولا قبل التحديث.

  15. salut comma vous allez ebn moi je n arrive pas a telecharger jailbreaker ni cidiya je jai besion de reinstateller mon iphon3gs et merci bcp

  16. sao ip4 của em không chuyển năm về 2014 được vậy..em không biết cài Cydia ad giúp em với

    • Please select your iOS version, Then you can see jailbreak status compatible with your device

  17. I did the jailbreak and Cydia download and bought ‘ios8 theme for ios8’. Now what do I do? How do I update my iphone 4 to ios8?

    • 1.You are unable to update iPhone 4 to iOS 8(You can only update to iOS 7.1.2).
      2.How you jailbreak your device ?

      • hey i just purchased an iphone 5s but the seller doesn’t know his apple id password but his apple id is already controlled currently. can u help me getting the password or with other method to remove the existing icloud id??

    • Apple not released iOS 10 for public users. We are not update for beta versions.

    • You can use Apple App Store to install. Cydia installation can do with jailbreak apps

    • กรุณาเลือกรูปแบบการ iOS ของคุณและดู?

    • Your iOS 10 running iPad unable to install Cydia now. Cydia only support up to iOS 9.3.3 this moment. Cydia will release for iOS 10 recently after release jailbreak for iOS 10.

    • Your iPhone 5 iOS 10.1.1 not compatible to install Cydia application now. Please install cyHelper with to check your device

  18. I have 10.0.2 ios iphone 6s plus how and when i m able to download cydia ? Please help m bignfan of this app

    • Your iPhone 6S Plus not support to install Cydia application now. All iOS 10 users need to stay another few days until jb release

  19. I have iphone 6splus in my phone the software is. Ios10.0.2 how and when i will update my software please tell me

    • Cydia update will be release soon for your Device. This moment unable to install Cydia application for iOS 10. Please touch with us.. we will inform to you.

  20. Sir how can i know my iphone 4(7.1.2) is jailbreaked or not? I have downloaded cydia and installed cydia in my device but it is not working properly

    • If you pay for Cydia, you got fake Cydia app. Touch with us to install real Cydia application properly.

    • When you upgrade device, Cydia will be automatically remove from the device

  21. I just install cydia installer app in my iPhone 6 With iOS 10.3.1 then whenever jailbreak release I just click “follow me” button in ur app?
    Means i don’t want turn off Find my phone and flight mode on & Cydia directly install in my phone without any app.recently i saw some videos on YouTube they showing jailbreak through inject app in phone.i m beginner in jailbreaking but I want to do it. If I install Cydia in iOS 10.3.1 then can i upgrade my iOS 10.3.2? then still I use Cydia in phone or not or never update my phone OS

  22. For Jailbreaking need PC with iTunes or other any Application?or Cydia directly install in phone? I ask this because I don’t have PC or ITunes but backup is done.

  23. Dear Cydia Team:

    I have been using iPhone 2G (1st generation), recently got iphone 6plus. Now i would like to transfer all my contacts, data, etc to my iPhone 6 plus. Here are the details:

    1… device iphone 2g, iOS 3.0.1 (7A400)
    2… laptop windows 10
    3… when i plug in iphone 2 using USB cable to laptop it does not recognized, USB device not recognized
    4… i downloaded latest version of itunes, it did work with iphone 6+ but itunes did not show or pick (not recognized) iphone 2

    Can you help / advice please?

    Thank you

    • Please use following software to transfer files
      iCloud Drive
      Email also can use to transfer small files