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Finlay, ending unofficial rumors all around Apple has released their new iPhone as dual, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This is the most comprehensive iDevice release of the mobile world ever. Apple designed this new iPhone, theme under “Bigger than bigger”. iPhone 6 is the largest iPhone in size than other earlier versions of it. At the first time Apple has released two varying sizes of  iPhone in history as bigger iPhone 6 and biggest iPhone 6 Plus. Both of these iPhone devices came with running on Apples new iOS version,  iOS 8. Also Apple scheduled to release iOS 8 on 17th of September.

Get Cydia for iPhone 6 with jailbreak.

There is no doubt, at this time Apple iPhone 6 is the most valuable mobile phone in the world. Cause of  its combination with iOS 8, it will increase as well. Hence, if you can have installed Cydia on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus  why not it is amazing. The great features of Cydia combine with this great device achieve wonderful experience to user. This means, you have greatest iDevice with greater control.

There for iOS device users always seeking for Cydia, to install on their iPhone. If you new comer of this field, you can know about more by What is Cydia link. As initial thing, we have to jailbreak new iPhone 6 device for install Cydia. Like, other former iPhone devices, there is no any way to download & install Cydia without jailbreak. For this reason we have to invent tool for jailbreak this newly released iPhone 6. jailbreak allows you to not only install Cydia but also so many features to you. jailbreak for Cydia teaches more about that.

At that time also the hackers (persons who develop programs against some thing) are trying to introduce tool for iOS 8 jailbreak.   As a fashion every one has wanted Cydia for them iPhone. they consider it is not a iPhone if not Cydia with. This trend makes better potential for jailbreakers to go for goal. But it is not easy as Apple also trying to avoid these security holes, by their every other version update. This is a game with talent, Apple Vs hackers. In the near future we can see who will be the winner?  If Apple win, lost you to Cydia and other-vice you can enjoy with amazing Cydia features.  Until that, we will seek new features of  iPhone 6 with iOS 8. Count -up for iOS 8 jailbreak ..!

Update : STOP Count-up. jailbreak released for iOS 8 now. It took 35 days only for find iOS 8jailbreak.

This is the link for Cydia install for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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