Download Cydia Apps without Jailbreaking iOS 11

Can download Cydia apps without Cydia ? Yes, We have seen several tools related to install Cydia applications to your device. Actually Cydia is unable to download for iOS 11 running devices. However, KeenLab recently had successfully demoed iOS 11 Cydia installation in the last mobile security conference in North Korea. Actually, iOS 11 jailbreak is possible and you can raise your hopes up to download Cydia to your iOS 11 running device. Are you interesting to get Cydia for you iOS 11 version, this will be useful to you.

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Download Cydia apps installer for any iOS

Keen Lab news to install Cydia for iOS 11


You can download several applications without jailbreaking your device. Actually you can install some Cydia apps with third party Installer as well as Cydia Impactor. Most successful installation method is using third-party Installers because Cydia Impactor can be used only for limited times. If you install Cydia apps with Cydia Impactor, these applications will automatically expire after 7 days. And apps are installed with 3rd-party installers getting revoked by Apple at any time. But you can use Nesstool to protect them from getting revoked. So we recommend to follow these Installers to get your interesting Cydia apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Download Cydia Impactor & How to use ?

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Download your favorite IPA files List

Can download Cydia for iOS 10 to iOS 3 ?

Yes, You can successfully download Cydia to these iOS versions running devices using variety of jailbreak applications. Please follow our complete iOS jailbreak guide to find your jailbreak & download Cydia properly. We have given all necessary information for iOS 11 to iOS 3 running users here.

Cydia apps download without Cydia

Follow our recommended apps to get Cydia apps to your device. Many users faced trouble with paid Cydia applications. You can follow third party apps until jailbreak tool release for public users.

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