How to download & install iOS 8 on your device right way


The latest iOS 8 updates now available for everyone with compatible device (iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s, iPad Air / 4 / 3 / 2 and iPad Mini / Mini 2, iPod Touch 5). The modern iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus owners will fortunate to get iOS 8 out of the box. But others have to download & install iOS 8 firmware on their device.

There are several methods to download & install iOS 8 to your device. The iOS 8 OTA update is the most famous and easiest method to update your device to iOS 8. But there are few issues. iOS 8 OTA update requirer around 6 GB free space allocated from your device memory. Therefor it is necessary to delete some data important for you.



The other thing is you have to maintain stable Internet connection over through iOS 8 OTA update. It takes some time for complete the process and within that time if interrupt your connection cause some issue for the update process.

How to download & install iOS 8 correct way? Upgrade using iTunes

The recommended method to upgrade your device with iOS 8 update is to restoring with iTunes. It is more suitable to upgrade your device clean & clearly with restoring for iOS 8 like major version update. You happy to know, upgrade using this method with iTunes need under 1 GB of free spacce of memory. The other thing is you don’t worry about your Internet connection, be course you can download iOS 8 firmware directly to the computer before install to the your idevice. Follow our instruction guide below and you will be able to successful upgrade of your device to the iOS 8.


  • The iOS device which compatible with iOS 8.
  • A computer (Mac or Windows) with installed iTunes. – download iTunes 11.4
  • USB cable for connect your idevice to the computer.

Install iOS 8

  1. Backup your device full using iTunes or iCloud
  2. Download iOS 8 firmware from here according to your device
  3. Open iTunes on your computer and hit “Restore…”  button while hold down the Alt/Option key (for Mac) or Shift key (for Windows)
  4. Select iOS 8 IPSW file you downloaded above
  5. Now iTunes will install iOS 8 on your device
  6. After few minutes you will have fresh iOS 8 device in your hand
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