How to Install Cydia on iOS 8 iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch after Pangu8 jailbreak

Now all you are able to jailbreak iOS 8 & 8+ iDevices using Pangu8 jailbreak. Pangu has provided untethered jailbreak solution for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices, which are running on iOS 8 through 8.1. But very important thing has missed. Amazing Cydia was not installed with this jailbreak version. Cydia is not compatible with iOS 8 yet. Cydia developer “Saurik” had been unable to update  Cydia installer with Pangu for iOS 8. In near future, he will be able to do that as earlier, install Cydia automatically with jailbreaking.

However, the good news for you. You are fortunate to Install Cydia by manually. Saurik has released Cydia for download & install  with manually. But, procedure is bit complex for those who are not familiar with SFTP. We highly recommended you to backup your data before proceed. Here are the steps for manual Cydia Installation, ask you to follow steps carefully for the success.

Requirements for install Cydia on iOS 8.

  • A jailbroken iOS 8-8.1device – iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • A computer – Mac or Windows
  • A file Explorer like FileZilla/Cyberduck for Mac and WinSCP for Windows.
  • OpenSSH installed – Go to the Pangu app in your iDevice and download & install SSH


  • Step1 : Please make sure your computer & the iOS device are should be in same WiFi network
  • Step2 : Download these two Cydia files from 1. here & 2. here
  • Step3 : Download Cyberduk  for Mac or WinSCP for Widows & install on your computer (We used here Cyberduck and Mac for further explanation)
  • Step4 : On your iDevice, go through Settings–>WiFi and tap-on info ( “i”) button. Then it will appear your iDevice’s IP address. Note down it.
  • Step5 : Open the Cyberduck and click on “Open Connection” & select the Protocol as SFTP. Fill below information on right fields.
    • Server – IP address of your iDevice which got in above step.
    • Port – 22 or 21
    • Username – root
    • Password – alpine
  • Step6 : Click “Connect” and it will appear a massage box. Tap on “Allow” on it
  • Step7 : Then you will be in root directory of your iDevice. Drag and drop here (in root directory) to downloaded Cydia files in step2 & click “Allow” to add.
  • Step8 : On your Mac, Click on “Go” and select “Send Command..”.
  • Step9 : Copy and paste following code in to send command window and hit “Send
    • dpkg --install cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb
  • Step10 : And everything is over,  hit the “Close” button.
  • Step11 : You have to enter another command. Click “Go” and select “Send Command” again. Type “reboot” and send. Now your iDevice will reboot
  • Step12 : If all were correct, you will see Cydia icon on your iDevice home screen
Update :
Now do not worry about Cydia install by manually. Cydia developer Saurik has updated Cydia installer for easy download. See How ?
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  1. how do I install cydia I pad mini —- pad is already jail broken but some how I lost cydia having a hard time finding a web site to download from any suggestions

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