How to (re)install Cydia for jailbroken idevices ?

“i just jailbreak my iphone 5s ios 8.1.2 using taig jailbreak. after jailbreak i am wrongly remove cydia. plz help me how to reinstall cydiya in my iphone”, “how to re-install cydia if its jail-broken already?”, “I have jailbroken my iPhone 4g using pangu but I have uninstalled cydia app. now I want to reinstall cydia app how to reinstall cydia pls mail me”, “Admin how to install cydia with some option like ifile”  – [not edited]

Those are the some of comments we have received during the last few days. According to that, we noticed one of a common problem for many jailbroken users. That’s why we decided to answer the common question, How to reinstall Cydia for already jailbreak iOS devices.Untitled-01

Accidentally, Cydia can be removed from your jailbroken devices. Then, it makes much difficult to find, download & install jailbreak packages for your idevice. There is not worth a jailbroken device, without Cydia in it. You can not arrange and customize your device without help of the Cydia app.

However, you are fortunate to get Cydia back on your idevice without doing rejailbreak. There are few ways to install Cydia again and try one of them with  more appropriate.

  • Install Cydia using iFile

If you have already installed iFile on your device, you can easily install Cydia using that. Open mobile Safari browser and go to this URL; & install using iFile. (it may warning  about missing dependencies, but it will install Cydia successfully. After installed,  you are able to install the missing dependencies via Cydia)

  • Install Cydia using evasi0n7

For those who have jailbroken their device with evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak, you can actually reinstall Cydia with evasi0n easily. Re-run evasi0n and check the option to install Cydia then you will get Cydia back on work. – See more at:
  • Install Cydia using redsn0w

If you are with an early idevices, most probably this will work for you. So you can reinstall Cydia using redsn0w jailbreak tool. Download latest version of redsn0w for Windows / redsn0w for Mac on your computer. connect your device through USB cable to the computer and run redsn0w. Make sure to only check  “Install Cydia” checkbox and click “Jailbreak” to proceed. Then, Cydia will be installed on your idevice.

  • Install Cydia using command line

Also you are able to SSH into your device and reinstall Cydia. If you have OpenSSH and APT installed on your idevice, Cydia can be reinstalled with a command. Once after SHH into your idevice, enter the command bellow at the command line or mobile terminal

apt-get install cydia (Hit enter)

su mobile -c uicache (Hit enter)

Cydia will be installed on your idevice.

  • Install Cydia using SFTP

You may be able to install Cydia using this method. Click here for all information about this.

These are the available methods to reinstall Cydia for jailbroken idevices. We wish one of them will work for you. However, if some one fail of all, you must have to restore your device to latest iOS version compatible with your device using iTunes and rejailbreak with Cydia install.

Following link will be direct you to install Cydia for any idevices with any iOS version running.

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34 Comments on “How to (re)install Cydia for jailbroken idevices ?

  1. Im trying to re install im pressing all of you keys and fllow evrystep that istructed it seem im having a problem re installing it always have have this not verified im preety sure that im loossing my patience uot any elsse…. Im sorry to disturb you if you can help me out and instruct about my ipad to re install… Cydia

  2. Hi, there.
    I was unlucky to delete in Sydia menu a file called something “***71**” as I thought it referred to completed jailbreak procedure and not needed any longer.
    Have iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 jailbroken with Pangu 1.2.1.
    OpenSSH has been installed but it does not work, no SFTP, no commnad line available. iFile app is useless as Mobile Safari does not start either.
    By repeated running Pangu I could see my device has Jailbroken status.
    What is a right step to make device working properly and with Sydia?

  3. Mega shit!!! My over blew up, I deleted cydia on my hailbroken iPhone 4 and can’t get it back, it’s been 2 years now with no contacts. I can’t create any contacts or get cydia back… So crap

  4. Hello!
    I have an iPhone 4 ios 7.1.2
    I hade problem downloading some packages so I removed all the sources and installed some cydia packages but now I can’t see packages, it appears go
    How to fix this and the other problems specially ‘Hash Sum missmatch’?!!
    Help me please!

    • It seems Cydia has corrupted on your device. Restore your device with iTunes & rejailbreak for Cydia. Please make sure backup your device before restore…

      • I jailbreaked my idevice and I got cydia but then accidently deleted it and I cannot go on my safari or any other apps because my iPhone has been crshing for alomost a day and I have tried everything please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee asap/pranto as soon as u see this or anyone who knows what to doooooooooooooooooooo :[

    • Did you already jailbroken your device ? If Cydia with you, Open Cydia — > Search –> Enter iFile — > Then install it.

  5. i accidentaly deleted my cydia,im in ios 9.1 which step i have to do??the first one it didnt work.
    thank you

  6. Hey im on ios 10.2 jailbreak, and i dont have ifile, filza or ssh… i can use impactor to get ifile but it never installs cydia. please help me.

    • I have the same problem. I had iOS 10.2 Jailbreak via Yalu, but I accidentally deleted the cydia app. I’ve tried iFile, but it won’t install any .debs, and I tried running Yalu again, but that won’t bring cydia back.

  7. I have Iphone7plus ios 10.1.1, i used mach portal beta 3 to JB but some time later cydia just disappearred,
    I had to reset the phone back to Stock 10.1.1 and put Mach portal beta 3 but still no Cydia
    I tried installing latest Cydia 1.1.30 but get error 152

    • What is your iOS version ? I thought you have installed fake Cydia application. Many fake apps available to install Cydia. Follow our tutorial guides to get it free

  8. hi
    my I pad ios 7.0.4 is jail broken, I have ifile but everytime I try and download it, it will come up with an error with code 256

    • Please reboot your device, If error appear follow these steps

      Using iFile navigater var/mobile/containers/
      Tap Edit – > Then You are Create New – > Tap Symbolic Link
      New Window Select folder var/containers/bundle/
      Tap Select – > New Symlink will be reated
      If same error appear, Please reboot your device.

      • hi

        I’m still having no luck with this
        I have tried evasion7 but as the ipad is jailbroken it wont redo, I feel like I have tried everything but not working for me
        all ineed is the cydia app

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