Pangu 1.1.0 update with latest Cydia for iOS 8 Released

Better than Better….! This is the huge release in the year.

Yes! Now it is available, Pangu 1.1.0 stable English version with Cydia for iOS 8 released.


This means, Pangu8 will bring Cydia on your iOS device, at the time you jailbreak using Pangu for iOS 8. No needs to worry about difficult manual Cydia installation. Cydia author Saurik has updated . Now it is automatically install Cydia with Pangu8 jailbreak like its early version.

Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x versions also already included this feature. But, before now, Pangu8 1.0.1 version was not included Cydia and that is why you had to Cydia install by manually for your iOS 8 devices. You know, its how complicated. Cause that, peoples didn’t go for install Cydia, but they already have jailbroken their devices. Thank you for Pangu team & Saurik, both you are a great combination. Go ahead! for upcoming iOS versions like iOS 8.2, 8.3,…. We are fortunate cause of you

This is the updated version of Pangu jailbreak (Pangu 1.1.0) with English support. And we hope for Mac support sooner.. These are the tags with latest Pangu jailbreak.

About latest Pangu8 jailbreak

  • Latest version – Pangu 1.1.0
  • Supports iOS versions – iOS 8, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.1
  • Support platform – Windows only
  • Language support – Chinese / English
  • Cydia support – Yes, bundled with Cydia for auto install
  • Type of jailbreak – Untethered

In addition, it is now integrated Restore Function to this latest Pangu release. Now Pangu will do the restore task for you with simple one touch operation. With Pangu, you are able to restore your device to iOS 4.x – 8.x

Cydia Install with Pangu jailbreak for iOS devices

Now Pangu jailbreak supports for install Cydia on two major versions of iOS.

1. Cydia install with Pangu for iOS 7.1.x (Untethered jailbreak)

2. Cydia Install with Pangu8 for iOS 8 | 8+ (Untethered jailbreak)

  • Support iOS versions – iOS 8 | iOS 8.0.2 | iOS 8.1
  • Compatible iDevices – iPhone 6 Plus | 6 | 5S | 5C | 5 | 4S   iPad Air 2 | Air | 4G | 3G | 2    iPad Mini 3 | 2 | 1   iPod Touch 5G
  • Pangu8 version – Pangu8 1.1.0 for Windows
Update # : Pangu has updated to version 1.2.1 – More about latest Pangu update, Click here.
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