Apple TV, Can jailbreak your Apple TV 4, Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2 ?

Are you Apple TV user ? Yes, This article will be useful all Apple TV users who need to jailbreak their device. In this moment most users are interesting with Apple TV 4 jailbreak. We like to review most of the Apple TV models jailbreak for our users. Because some unwanted jailbreak apps will brick your device.

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Can Jailbreak Apple TV 4 ?

Actually Apple TV 4 jailbreak tool not released for users. In this moment any Ios security researcher not announced about Apple TV 4 jailbreak. Therefore you are unable to find any solution to jailbreak or install Cydia for Apple TV  4.

Can Jailbreak Apple TV 3 ?

You are unable to find any solution for Apple TV 3 jailbreak. Some fake applications were released for Apple TV 3 jailbreak. But those applications cannot use for break Apple TV 3 OS. Therefore if you are trying to jailbreak Apple TV 3 means you are wasting your valuable time.

Can Jailbreak Apple TV 2 ?

Yes, You can successfully jailbreak Apple TV 2 device. Seas0npass is the jailbreak tool which can use to break Apple TV 2. If you are willing to jailbreak Apple TV 2 following information will be advantage for you.

Important – Seas0npass latest version only support for Apple TV 2 devices. (not support for Apple TV 3 and Apple TV 4).

Instructions for jailbreak users

  • Please disconnect Apple devices connected into your computer such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Make sure your iTunes version updated for latest one
  • Micro USB cable need for jailbreak

Download Seas0npass

Seas0npass for Windows

Seas0npass for MAC

How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 with Seas0npass

We recommend to follow official site properly to all necessary information for jailbreak Apple TV 2. So following links will be useful to you.

For complete tutorial guides

For Video tutorial

For Trouble shooting


Can install Cydia for Apple TV 4, Apple TV 3 & Apple TV 2

No, You are unable to install Cydia application. Cydia application is not support for Apple TV models. You can install Cydia store your iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Cydia for iPhone

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPod Touch

What are the alternatives for Apple TV jailbreak

Apple TV best alternative software is Plex Connect. This software can install to your device without jailbreak. This will be added advantage for all jailbreak and Apple TV users

More information Plex Connect – Click Here

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