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You are happy to know. There is a good news for Android users; now Cydia available for Android devices..

aqagalaxys5-htcone-625x315If you are iOS user, really know What is Cydia & it’s features on idevices. Cydia is featured App Store for Apple iOS devices, which are jailbroken. Until this Cydia brand binding with Apple iOS. But, Android users are also able to work with Cydia. Jay Freeman, developer of Cydia, has officially released Cydia Substrate for Android.

Why Cydia for Android?

Android is developed by the Google. Unlike Apple, Google allows users to download & install third party apps for Android phones very easily.  There are no restrictions like Apples, Google has given chance to install software from outside the Google Play Store.

Role of Cydia on iOS and Android is changed in this situation. The purpose of Cydia on Android is not actually downloading & installing third party apps for Android devices. Because you know, without Cydia you already can install third-party software for Android devices. That’s why, Cydia for Android is called Cydia Substrate. However, there is a WinterBoard, an amazing Cydia tweak comes with this Cydia substrate. It will let you to change the appearance of your Android device.

Role of Cydia on Android – Cydia Substrate

Substrate is a platform for customizing software, nor the Android OS. Its purpose is to support other products; users should not expect Substrate itself to do anything interesting. And enabling your device to support other things you may install. Substrate is able to modify any other program, whether it came with your Android device or was installed later. Cydia Substrate, doesn’t worry about whether it was developed by Google or by the third party developers. Cydia Substrate is a platform for easier customization of software, when the source code is not available

How to install Cydia for Android devices

Like iOS jailbreak, it need to gets root access to install Cydia Substrate. Before installing, you have to root your Android device. Then you will be able to install Cydia Substrate. It supports to Android version 2.3 and above. You can install, it is in the Play Store or Download APK [1.5 MB] and install it on your android device.

Note that: Cydia for Android is still in its early stages, and could have some bugs. Recommend for having a backup of your device. Cydia Substrate includes a safety feature: by holding down the volume-up button on your device you can disable Substrate while it is attempting to load these modifications (such as while it is turning on and starting). This will give you an opportunity to use Google Play to uninstall things that might be broken.

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44 Comments on “Cydia For Android

  1. Hlw
    My phone is saying please contact saurik
    Could you please whatsa that
    I got samsung s6 edge plus

  2. Sir its say

    Something in it phone make it impossible please say onother version my phone is zte blade n lollipop 5.0.2 version

  3. I have a Lg2 and a gmate Can Young tell me witch software i have to download and The file i Can find it Best regards rene wulff

    • Cydia is developed by Mr. Saurik for Apple users. So please use Saurik tools related with Cydia. Other Cydia related tools are not real tools in Play Store.

    • Cydia substrate developed by Saurik, Some Cydia related tools in are fake. If you are interesting Cydia, Please install only apps which are developed by Saurik

  4. Sir,
    the app flex-2 which was downloaded by me in my iOS from Cydia store. I want to know where I can get the same app “Flex-2” for my Android Samsung Galaxy S4?

    • Actually Cydia store is not support for Android devices. Cydia is well running software with Apple devices. You can install Cydia substrate developed by Saurik for Android.

  5. Its not working…shows error at starting…that “something about your device made impossible to substrate…”

    • Actually Cydia application is not support for Android. We have seen many apps related with Play Store called Cydia. These apps will not work properly

  6. I have Android 5.0.1 aka lollipop and the Downloadable link in the description didn’t want to work for my phone even though it says it will work for 2.3 And higher

  7. hey I have a Huawei y560-lo2 with msm8909 quadcore that has been rooted I have installed cydia substrate but it keeps saying something about my phone has made it impossible to perform its internal safety check. I had cydia on my old iphone & I loved it as there is basically no limit to personally customising your device, I would like to be able to have that same type of control with my new android. are you able to help me in any way? maybe some links that would be of benefit for this particular phone

  8. The only thing that made me love iPhone is because of cydia!!! I been using iPhone since 3g model to 7s but now I’ve chosen Motorola z play for its convinence please get me a cydia store for android

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