Cydia for iOS 8.2 – Jailbreak Review

Apple released iOS 8.2 beta for developers. This review is for jailbreak users who are willing to jailbreak  upcoming iOS version. We can keep hopes with iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak release next week, and 8.1.3 version never close TaiG jailbreak. Apple has fixed minor identified bugs with this 8.1.3 version. So if your updated for iOS 8.1.3 your jailbreak will be loss.

Cydia iOS 8.2

When iOS 8.2 release ?

This moment Apple already released developer version. So  you can upgrade your device into 8.2 nearly. This is major update done by Apple, Perhaps TaiG jailbreak features will be loss with upcoming iOS 8.2 release.

Can install Cydia for iOS 8.2 ?

Actually this moment iOS 8.2 jailbreak not available with TaiG and Pangu. Pangu jailbreak tool support for latest iOS 7 and iOS 8.0 to 8.1.0 running devices. TaiG is support for iOS 8.0 to 8.1.2 running devices. But our recommendation software

iOS 8.0 to 8.1.0 – Pangu

iOS 8.1.1 to 8.1.2 – TaiG

Pangu team has fixed identified bugs with their new version. So if you follow jailbreak instructions properly, your device will never faced any error message with Pangu.

Cydia for iOS 8.2 – Review

Most of the times TaiG and Pangu, both teams are working hard to break iOS 8.2 restrictions. You can keep positive mind for break iOS 8.2. Actually jailbreak is sequence of such hard work done by these security developers. All Cydia loving users are also waiting to customize their devices after update for latest iOS version. So if you need Cydia, this moment do not go to update for latest firmware. This will cause automatically loss your jailbreak with Cydia.

This moment Cydia is available for all Apple devices and you can install Cydia for future version. All users keep in touch with us to take latest news related with jailbreak and Cydia.

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  1. I paid for Cydia by PayPal on 8 November. last year and as pangu couldn’t jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 I was given a certificate saying it was valid for I Year. Whenever I try to log into members area I am given error 503. I can’t contact Cydia support at all to get either jailbreak or refund

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