Check Your Device to Download Cydia before jailbreak

Can Cydia download for your Device ? Most users are willing to install Cydia application with third party applications. Actually you need to use intermediate software to install Cydia application. These intermediate software called jailbreak apps. Jailbreak apps can be developed only very talented iOS hackers, they are iOS security experts. You can see many applications related to install Cydia for your device. Most of these applications unable to use for download Cydia.


We recommend to check your device to install Cydia application before use any third party application. This application support any Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. You can use this without Jailbreaking. Therefore this application will be valuable to all users who are willing to get real Cydia.


Cydia Checker Requirements

You need to browse with Safari Browser to install Cydia finder application. This is only support for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch safari Browser. If you are trying to install iMac Safari Browser, this will not really function with your device. You can get Quick access with home page QR Code scanner. Please scan following QR Code to install directly to your device.


Why this application important before Jailbreak your Device

This will give value to all jailbreak users, this application will remove fake jailbreak methods. Also you will guide to get real Cydia application. If you are new to jailbreak and willing to install Cydia, We recommend to keep this application with your device. When you are opening application, it will detect your device Cydia download compatibility.

Cydia Install without computer with paid applications

Cydia unable to install for your device with paid applications. Cydia application released for users who are  willing to customize their devices. We thought you are unable to customize device with paid applications.

  • You need to follow instructions properly to install Cydia application with jailbreak. These are important with this process.
  • Follow real information regarding jailbreak
  • Download correct jailbreak tool latest version for your Device
  • Follow instructions to install Cydia with Jailbreak

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Jailbreak process is very simple, This whole process will take less than 10 minutes of time. Please touch with us to get trusted information regarding jailbreak and Cydia.

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