iOS 8 devices with Cydia

Cydia for iOS 8 iDevices

Apple’s new operating system; iOS 8 will be launch  in few days after here. It’s now conform by the Apple, the BIGGEST DAY 9th of September 2014. iOS 8 will come with another amazing product of Apple, iPhone 6. It is the biggest iOS release ever for everyone. Apple says, iOS 8 will be the world most advanced mobile operating system.

According to Apple, iOS 8 will be compatible with:

  • iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air, iPad 4th Generation, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 2
  • iPad Mini, iPad Mini with retina display
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

As well as Apple may launch their new iPhone 6 with pre-installed iOS 8. According to the rumors around that, Apple’s next iPhone may not be called iPhone 6. It may be called iPhone Air or iPhone Pro. However, you want to install Cydia on your iOS 8 device, first of all you have to jailbreak iOS 8 for Cydia.

Is it true Cydia on iOS 8? Yes.. it is not impossible. We can trust someone will be done the job. The developers all around the world ready to fulfill that challenge at the movement also. Hence you can install Cydia on your iOS device very soon.

But there for we have to wait until Apple releases their iOS 8 for public. In other hand, Apple already has released beta versions of iOS 8. The latest released is beta 5.

At that time the hackers unofficially developing and testing their tools on iOS 8 beta. Also at that time one of the hacker says, he has successfully done the jailbreak on iOS beta using his tool called Cyberelevator.

Simultaneously, Apple finds and patches those security holes, challenging to hackers. However, the true challenge for jailbreakers will be to hack final version of iOS 8.

Stay with us for latest news about iOS 8 jailbreak and soon after released tool for jailbreak iOS 8, we will publish you to Cydia install link for iOS 8 devices.


Pangu  has released tool for jailbreak iOS 8. Here is the download link – Cydia install for iOS 8 devices with Pangu8 jailbreak.

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