Download Cydia for iPhone, iPad or iPod [iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 / 11.2.2]

This is iOS 11 jailbreak status update for idevice users who are willing to download Cydia for iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 / 11.2.1 running iPhone, iPad or iPod. Here you can find latest news & update relevant with Cydia -jailbreak.

Can I download Cydia for my iPhone, iPad running iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 / 11.2.2 latest version ? Sadly, Apple users with iOS 11.2 and later versions running idevices are unable to get Cydia at this moment. Because there is no jailbreak currently available for iOS 11.2, 11.2.1 or iOS 11.2.2 latest version.

As you may know, there are three jailbreak tools now publicly available to download. But, all these tools only support to install Cydia for iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 iPhone, iPad, iPod and not compatible with iOS 11.2 and later versions. Because, present iOS 11 jailbreak tools are based on the Ian Beer’s iOS 11.1.2 exploit

Is it impossible to get Cydia for iOS 11.2 & later versions? It is not true. The following story tells jailbreak iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 is actually possible

Pandora Lab jailbreaks & install Cydia on iOS 11.2 / 11.1.2

This will really good news for iOS 11.2 & above users. iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 has been successfully jailbroken. Alibaba Pandora Lab jailbreaks & install Cydia on iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 on iPhone X. So, now we know it is possible to jailbreak iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1.

When iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 / 11.2.2 Cydia download available ?

Head of the Pandora Labs, Song Yang said “Our team won’t provide any jailbreak tool”, So Pandora tool will not be released for public users. However, However this is great achievement and now we know Apple’s latest mobile firmware iOS 11.2 / 11.2.1 is also Cydia compatible.

At the time, several researchers are working hard to find a jailbreak solution for latest version of iOS 11 uers. Keep your hopes up, public jailbreak will be available in near future to download Cydia iOS 11.2 & above versions running devices.

Cydia alternative methods to customize your device without jailbreak – iOS 11.2.2 – 11 / iOS 10

Can download jailbreak apps without Cydia ? Yes, you can download some of your favorites applications for customize your device without Cydia or jailbreak. Just follow me to install apps for your device now;

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