Download Cydia Any Device without Jailbreak

Can Download Cydia for Any Device ? No, Cydia is not support for all Apple devices. Because Cydia can only install with Jailbreak applications. You can not install Cydia without jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Online Cydia installer application’s not included real Cydia features. Basically, if you are going to install Cydia directly to your device without proper jailbreak solution means you are installing Fake & malicious software and also it will harm your device & data.cydiawithoutjb

You can Download real Cydia app with This application will help to all Cydia new comers who are willing to install Saurik Cydia application. What is real Cydia application ? Follow our Cydia Installer app to get Cydia to your device. This app is support for any iOS version. Please tap Install Now with your Safari Browser to download.


What Devices can install Cydia ? Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch models can install Cydia application properly. Please follow our downloader to get Cydia to your device. Saurik not released Cydia Pro version for users. We recommend to follow our tutorial guides to get Cydia app to your device.

iPhone Users – Follow Me to install

iPad Users – Follow Me to install

iPod Touch Users – Follow Me to install

Follow Me – Jailbroken Users

Are You already installed Cydia ? Yes, Cydia is unable to install for Ios 10.2.1 – 10.3.1 running Devices. Therefore please wait and touch with us until jailbreak release for latest Ios version.

Best Apps for jailbroken users – Click Here

Follow Me – Unjailbroken users

We have seen some users faced difficulties with duplicate Cydia applications. Most of these apps are paid Cydia applications. Why you need to pay to download Cydia ? We recommend to follow these steps to download Cydia properly to your Device.

  • First – Visit with your Safari Browser
  • Second – Tap Install to continue profile installation
  • Third – Download Cydia with real jailbreak apps

You can install jailbreak apps without jailbreak your device. Some applications can install with Cydia Impactor to your device properly.

How to install apps with Cydia Impactor

Follow Me to install Music Apps without jailbreak

Follow Me to install Movie Apps without Cydia

Third Party application list without jailbreak device

Your Favorite Cydia apps download without Cydia

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