How to Identify fake Cydia ? Download real Cydia Now !

We have seen many fake Cydia applications are ready to download for your device with different ways. If you are new to jailbreak or Cydia, you will be definitely install these applications for your devices. So, this review will be very useful for all users those who like to get real Cydia for iPhone, iPad & iPod.


Ways that fake Cydia closes for Your iPhone,iPad,iPod

  • You need to Pay for download or Install Cydia application
  • You need to do survey to install Cydia
  • User need to install third party tools to get Cydia
  • Cydia Install without Jailbreak
  • Cydia Download without computer or PC
  • Cydia Online installers

What is real Cydia ?

Real Cydia application is developed by Mr.Jay Freeman for Apple users. This application can only install with Jailbreak process. Follow our complete guides to get real Cydia application to your device. Perhaps you may never feel with real Cydia features.

Click Here – More about Cydia

What is paid Cydia apps ? These are fake applications. Most of the fake Cydia applications support for all iOS versions. Specially these applications can install Cydia currently not supported iOS versions. Fake Cydia applications are unable to upgrade to real Cydia.

It is more difficult thing that develop a jailbreak tool for public release. All Jailbreak developers are working hard to give digital freedom with real features for iOS users. Cydia is the one & only tool that available for really customize your iPhone, iPad & iPod device.

How to install Cydia application to your Device

You should need to follow jailbreak pathway to install Cydia for any device. Backup your device is much more important thing before use Jailbreak tool. Follow instructions and install real Cydia properly to your device now..

iPhone users – Click Here to install

iPad users – Click Here to Install

iPod Touch users – Click Here to Install

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