Best Cydia apps compatible with iOS 8

Now there is jailbreak available with Cydia for all versions of Apple iOSs and all idevices including newer iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. Latest iOS 8 series also have completely jailbroken by the Pangu8 & TaiG. Most of the iOS 8 users have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad & iPod devices with Cydia downloaded & installed.Untitled-3

Then, after you’ve jailbroken what do you start with? Cydia apps store is already installed in your idevice. Now you can stat customizing the device with Cydia app. There are thousands of awesome apps, tweaks, add-ons, extensions and any more to download and install with Cydia for free and pay. But, all of those Cydia apps are not compatible with iOS 8-8.1.2. Fortunately most of the tweaks now work on iOS 8+

We have noticed, some jailbroken users get panic what to do after. That’s why we thought, it is helpful for beginners, if there is available some guides about Cydia iOS 8 apps. What does recommend for you? You can find in out here!

iOS 8 compatible Cydia tweaks

  • iFile – A full featured file manager (Free)
  • CyDelete8 – Allows user to remove apps installed by Cydia from the Springboard (Free)
  • WinterBoard – Theming tool developed by Saurik (Free)
  • OpenSSH – Allows user to access device’s filesystem remotely (Free)
  • CCSettings -Allows you to customize Control Center
  • Activator – Can assign custom actions to gestures and button presses (Free)
  • ForceGoodFit -Size-up to fit unoptimized apps to make better use of the large screen (Specially for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus – Free)
  • PrefDelete – Allows you delete apps and tweaks from the Settings
  • BioLockDown – Fingerprint protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches
  • BatteryLife – displays useful information about your device’s battery health and life (Free)
  • HideMe8 – You can hide UI elements (Free)
  • iWidgets – Widgets for iOS (Free)
  • springPage – Allows users to set custom wallpapers per each page of Springboard ($1.99)
  • Cylinder – Different page turn animations
  • HomescreenDesigner – Allows you to rearrange your icons on the Springboard
  • Shrink – Changes the size of icons ($1.49)
  • Protean – Status bar icons customization
  • AndroidLock XT – Sape lock that exists on Android for iOS ($1.49)
  • Browser Changer – Choose default web browser other than Safari (Free)
  • Safari Downloader+ – Download manager for download any file to your iDevice, including YouTube videos ($3.50)
  • Safari Download Enabler – Download manager without YouTube downloader (Free)
  • VibCall –  Your idevice vibrates when an outgoing call is connected (Free)
  • MessagesCustomiser – Customize colors & background of Messages (Free)
  • iMessage Unlimited Media Send – Allows to send a video or media of any length through the message’s (Free)
  • AppInfo – Displays information about installed apps & tweaks (Free)
  • PkgBackup – Backup and restore of Cydia packages ($9.99)
  • SourceSaver – Backups your Cydia sources (Free)
  • Slide2Kill8 – Closing all running apps with simple swipe
  • Bytafont – Allows customize the font on idevice
  • F.lux – idevice changes its screen temperature based on the time of day
  • iCleanerClean up space on iOS device.
  • Almpoum – Taking screenshots on your idevice (Free)
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