Jailbreak and install Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 – Review

Unexpectedly, Apple released iOS 9.3.4 firmware update for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices. Some users already have installed new update for their devices and most of Cydia lovers still stay on their current iOS version with confuse. Can install Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 ? Has Pangu team updated their jailbreak solution compatible with iOS 9.3.4 ? So, follow me & update yourself about the current status of the Cydia jailbreak.


The first thing you should know, Apple has killed Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 with release of iOS 9.3.4. It mean, Pangu jailbreak not works with iOS 9.3.4 running devices. This update mainly focus to Pangu jailbreak and they have not added any software features with iOS 9.3.4 version


Warning – Do not update to iOS 9.3.4

If you have already jailbroken with Pangu tool, do not update for iOS 9.3.4. All Cydia loving users please wait until Pangu update their tool compatible with iOS 9.3.4. Are you willing to jailbreak device ? Yes, Download & install iOS 9.3.3 firmware and use Pangu to install Cydia immediately. Because Apple will stop signing iOS 9.3.3 in near future cause unable to upgrade or downgrade to iOS 9.3.3. You can find jailbreak instructions in bellow links..

Update #1

iOS 9.3.4 has been jailbroken by Luca Todesco.!

Update #2

Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3.3. So, upgrade or downgrade to iOS 9.3.3 is no longer possible. Please stay on your current iOS version & do not try to update or downgrade.

Update #3

iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak called OverSky has been demonstrated by Team OS.

Update #4

Apple released iOS 9.3.5 update for iPhone, iPad & iPod with security fixes.

Update #5

iOS 10 released.!

Can Cydia install for iOS 9.3.4 ?

This moment users are unable install Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 version running devices. Perhaps many fake apps will be released to compatible with iOS 9.3.4. Those applications will be useless and harmful to your device.

Latest iOS version to download Cydia for iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is iOS 9.3.3. The latest iOS version that can jailbreak by Pangu is iOS 9.3.3. Pangu can not be used to Cydia download for iOS 9.3.4, 9.3.5 or iOS 10 this moment.

Instructions for iOS 9.3.4 / 9.3.5  users

Recommend to upgrade your device to latest iOS 10 firmware. you are no longer possible downgrade to iOS 9.3.3, because Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.3.3. Pangu will NOT release jailbreak for iOS 9.3.4 / 9.3.5 & they are working on new iOS 10 jailbreak. Therefore it is better to install iOS 10 for your device at this moment. Pangu will release jailbreak for iOS 10 soon in near future.

Instructions for iOS 9.3.3 & below users – Do not update

If you loves Cydia, please DO NOT UPDATE your firmware. jailbreak & Cydia still not support iOS 10 as well as iOS 9.3.4 & 9.3.5 running devices. If you are already jailbroken, recommend to install Cydia Eraser right now on your device. Then, you will be able to safely restore your device without loosing jailbreak ability if you face some error with Cydia in future.

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53 Comments on “Jailbreak and install Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 – Review

    • hey dear please help me
      how to get cydia app…
      can you tell me… cydia app step by step…..
      this is my facebook id..
      you send message me…

  1. So I installed cydia yesterday and didn’t see this.aboit 9.3.4 and I can’t open the cydia app or remove it, lol

    • Did you power off your device after installed Cydia? You should re-jailbreak your device after each reboot. Tap on Pangu app on your home screen and re-jailbreak

    • Many fake tools released for Cydia iOS 9.3.4. Actually Cydia unable to install for iOS 9.3.4 now. Follow cydiainstaller.mobi

    • If you are with iOS 9.3.4, Cydia unable to download now. Please touch with us to install. Cydia will ready with you soon.

    • Dear Yash, You are unable to download Cydia for iOS 9.3.4 now, solution will release soon for users. Please touch us with cydiainstaller.mobi

  2. Dear Admin,

    Any Jailbreak available for ios 9.3.4? I read online that Pangu already has the Jailbreak. When will it be released?

    • No, Many fake sites are selling jailbreak with Pangu team. Pangu team is working for release jailbreak solution for iOS 9.3.4. This will be release for users to install Cydia application soon.

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