Cydia download for iOS 9.2 – Jailbreak status update

Apple has released iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch with several bug fixes & improvements. So, jailbreak & Cydia lovers are interesting and waiting for a good news about Cydia download for their devices with iOS 9.1 / iOS 9.2 jailbreak. Yes, you are in the right place. always introduces the real pathway to Cydia with official jailbreak solutions.Untitled-2weCan i jailbreak iOS 9.2 firmware versions for Cydia download my iPhone, iPad & iPod?? Now you can check with us that real. Here’s the latest status update of Cydia for iOS 9.2 – iOS 9 with current jailbreak situation.

Cydia for iOS 9.2 – 9.0 | jailbreak history

Ending long delay, Chinese Pangu jailbreak team discovered a way to Cydia download for iPhone, iPad & iPod with iOS 9 jailbreak. After Pangu 9 jailbreak released, most of the iOS 9 users were able to get their dream application – Cydia for idevices without any doubt. However, you are still not jailbreak your device with Pangu 9 on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 for Cydia, get it right now..

iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0 jailbreak current status : Pangu 9 jailbreak available for Cydia download

Download Pangu 9 : For Windows / Mac

Download Pangu 9  : Jailbreak guide

After that, Apple released iOS 9.1 for the iPhone, iPad & iPod. Unfortunately, Apple has patched Pangu 9 jailbreak in iOS 9.1 caused Cydia download for iOS 9.1 is impossible.

Update :

Pangu has released jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1. Now you can Cydia download for iOS 9. 1 devices also with Pangu.
iOS 9.1 jailbreak current status : Pangu9 1.3.1 for Windows / Pangu9 1.1.1 for Mac available

But, new Pangu tool can not be use with iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1. it only works with iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.1. So, iOS 9.2 still remain as unjailbroken.

iOS 9.2 jailbreak current status : Still No Cydia  jailbreak in public

Fake jailbreak methods for iOS 9.2

Can i Cydia download for my idevice with another jailbreak methods ? No, you can not get Cydia for iOS devices by any other method unless the official jailbreak method. These services are not saying a real methods & you are unable to Cydia download for your device. Please note : the official jailbreak never ask you to pay for it. All genuine jailbreak teams are releasing their tools for 100% free.

When jailbreak release for iOS 9.2 ?

We have good news for Cydia jailbreak fans. One of the jailbreak team has made browser-based iOS 9.1/9.2 untethered jailbreak ! This jailbreak is made for the ZEydRODIUM’s Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty program. And it is confirmed, that team has won one million U.S. dollars for their iOS 9.1 / 9.2 jailbreak solution.

However, it won’t be released to the public for FREE as Pangu, TaiG, PP, .. But, there is a important message in the story – iOS 9.1/9.2 can be jailbroken. Therefore, our loving jailbreak teams have a great chance to make a iOS 9.1/9.2 jailbreak tool in the near future..

What you think, which team is release jailbreak iOS 9.2. Is Pangu? TaiG? PP? or any other…

Update 1: About Cydia for iOS 9.2.1

At this moment, Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 beta for developers & public testers. There is very interesting news for jailbreak & Cydia lover. iOS 9.2.1 has been jailbroken by the famous hacker – Luca Todesco.

Update 2: Jailbreak iOS 9.2/9.2.1/9.3

New untethered jailbreak works fine on iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3 – Todesco says..

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  1. Hello .
    I need help
    Anybody can help me??
    I have iPhone 6 iOS 9.2
    I want to install Cydia
    How I am install +923330934923whatsapp
    Please anybody tell me thanks

  2. Hello
    Anybody help me
    I need help
    I want to install Cydia but I can’t
    From last two days watched soo many video on YouTube please mail me on my id ‘’ please it’s my humble request……

  3. Help help help
    I have iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 want to install Cydia but I can’t please tell me fast how to install Cydia with compatible jailbreak it’s my humble request…… Please explain me in briefly in mail ‘’ please reply me fast….

  4. I have a iphone 5s ios 9.2 are u telling me i cant jailbreak it?! 🙁 please help

    Also i have a moto g 3gen and i cant seem to unlock the bootloader on that ither Sad face 🙁

    • Pangu latest version is only support for iOS 9.0.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2 versions. Pls follow guides before use Pangu 9 version

    • Bec jailbreak tool not released for iOS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3. This will be release recently. Pls join with our Facebook, Twitter, G+ to get latest news and guides

  5. What’s the deal what’s taking so dam long to get this jailbreak out? I updated to the latest update and for what? By the time the next jailbreak come out we’re going to be old and wrinkled man. I been waiting since last year for this to get here please give me some good news.

  6. I apperciate all the hardwork with the jailbreak, and I understand that patience is key, but is there any hope that the jailbreak will be released this month? And I am already following you guys for updates.

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