Cydia installer 1.1.16 with bug fixes on iOS 8 released..

Cydia-up-new-1These days are very busy to Apple iOS device. Because; each & every day, someone (Saurik, Pangu Team or Apple) releases updates for their products as Cydia, Pangu and iOS 8 (Apple also has released iOS 8.1.1 beta now). This is also big update release on Cydia by the developer Saurik & it has fixed major bug regarding “Restore from Backup” feature in iTunes. Before this release, you had to reinstall Cydia, after your first use of it, if you used “Restore from Backup” feature in iTunes. Fortunately with this latest Cydia 1.1.16 update, it is no longer required reinstall Cydia after the used of that feature of iTunes. That’s mean, you can use “Restore from Backup” feature freely without thinking about the Cydia. Now it OK! Cydia is still here ..

In addition, there are few more bugs fixed with this update. The complete change-log is in below..bbUntitled-3You can download & install this release by your Cydia app which already installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You refresh data and Cydia prompt you to upgrade…

Be happy & wait for an another update..

Update # : Pangu version 1.2.1 out with Cydia installer 1.1.16
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