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We have seen some Linux users are also interesting to download and install Cydia with Linux computers. These guides are for users who are visiting us with Linux OS.Cydia for Linux UsersCan Jailbreak device with Linux ?

Most jailbreak tools are supported for Windows and MAC platforms. Therefore, users are unable to install this nice application with Linux platforms. However, we have seen, evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.0-6.1.2 has released their tool compatible for Windows, MAC and Linux also. Thereafter, no any jailbreak tool released for Linux platforms.

How to install Cydia with Linux ?

All Linux users have an ability to install Windows Virtual software for Linux Platform. This software’s are acting Windows computer virtually with Linux, such as Wine, Netflix.  Then you can run Windows software with Linux.

Error Handling Cydia with Linux ?

Actually Most jailbreak Linux users are not reported any error with Linux platform. However all Linux users need to take device backup before jailbreak their devices. This is better to recover device with un-expecting errors. Also follow jailbreak tools instructions; this is help to protect your device.

If your jailbreak stuck somewhere within process better for reboot device and run program again as administrator mode. Your PC reboot also better for success Cydia installation.

Linux Users – Follow our Guides

Our step by step tutorial guides are suitable for any platforms. Use below links to find step wise jailbreak path.

Our Recommendations for Linux Users

Better to install Windows virtual machine for your computer. Otherwise all users need to use Windows or MAC computer for your task. All jailbreak teams are fixing bugs for Windows platform because most users are using Windows as their PC operating system. Therefore jailbreak tools Windows version most of the times with bugs free.

If you need any support for Cydia installation with Linux platform please message us with your error.

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