iOS 8.3 – Released its first beta

Unexpectedly, the new iOS update has seeded by the company Apple as its beta version. It is iOS 8.3 and first beta of it, can be downloaded by the registered developers.Now, there are two beta versions available in two different iOS versions.

  1. iOS 8.2 beta 5
  2. iOS 8.3 first beta.

Just before this iOS 8.3 beta releases, Apple has launched 5th beta of iOS 8.2 versions. At that time all are expected, the next release will be the iOS 8.2 original version. But, Apple releases iOS 8.3 beta versions and pulled back the iOS 8.2 original version.Untitled-31

What are the New Features of iOS 8.3 ?

With this beta release, Apple has bug fixed and introduced number of new features for idevice users. Those features are;

  1. Wireless CarPlay
    • The upcoming iOS 8.3 offers wireless CarPlay feature to the iPhone. With this facility, user can connect their iPhone wireless to the car and enjoy iOS features on cars’ dashboard. Currently, CarPlay support requires, connect users’ iPhone to the car with the USB cable.
  2. New Emoji picker
    • Apple has introduced a new Emoji picker with new icons for idevices by this iOS 8.3 free release. Emojis are organized with several categories in this new Emoji picker.
  3. Improved Google Login
    • Upcoming iOS 8.3 supports users for logging to Google with two-step verification. It removes unnecessary password for easy access to Google.
  4. China Apple Pay
    • Apple Play support for China will be available with iOS 8.3 version. Through the China UnionPay, Apple Pay may proceed.

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##UPDATE : iOS 8.3 released

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