Get Cydia for iOS 8.1.3 devices – Cydia installer tutorial to downgrade

Few days ago, Apple placed their firmware update to download for iOS device users. So, some have upgraded their iPhone, iPad or iPod to latest iOS 8.1.3 version accidentally or without thinking about Cydia. Then, they have lost jailbreak & Cydia from their device with that iOS 8.1.3 update.Untitled-1

How to run Cydia installer on your iOS 8.1.3 updated device for get Cydia back? Is there any method to do that? Because, jailbreak is not supported for the latest iOS 8.1.3 version. The company Apple has completely distorted TaiG & PP jailbreak for 8.1.3.

This is how to get back Cydia download for those who have missed Cydia with iOS 8.1.3 update. Downgrade your idevice to jailbreakable iOS versions and download & install Cydia on it.

The latest iOS version which jailbreakable is iOS 8.1.2. So, you can downgrade your iOS 8.1.3 device to iOS 8.1.2 and Cydia download using TaiG or PP jailbreak. Apple still signing iOS 8.1.2

Instructions before downgrade

  • Download and install latest iTunes versions on your computer. Download iTunes
  • Downgrade is only possible, as long as Apple continues to sign iOS 8.1.2. They can stop signing iOS 8.1.2 any moment. So, before proceed, check Apple signing status about iOS 8.1.2 here
  • Please make sure to download correct IPSW file of the iOS 8.1.2 firmware according to your device model detail.
  • Backup your device to your computer, not to the iCloud. Because, iCloud not support to restore higher versions of Backup to lower versions.

How to downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2?

Step 1. Download appropriate iOS 8.1.2 IPSW firmware file for your idevice to the computer by bellow link.

download ipsw

Step 2. Connect your iOS 8.1.3 idevice to the computer via USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step 3.  Then, iTunes will recognize your device. In “summary” tab, hold down the shift key (Windows users) or Alt/Option key (Mac users) & click on “Check for Update” button in iTunes.itunes-aaa

Step 4. Browse & open “ipsw” file you have downloaded in Step 1.

Step 5. Then, iTunes will downgrade your idevice to iOS 8.1.2.

Congratulations..! Now you are ready to Cydia download for your iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 8.1.2. TaiG and PP jailbreak available to install Cydia for iOS 8.1.2 version..

Windows users:

Mac users

#Update : Apple stopped signing for iOS 8.1.2. Therefore, downgrade iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.1.2 no longer possible. You cannot downgrade iOS 8.1.3 now.

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6 Comments on “Get Cydia for iOS 8.1.3 devices – Cydia installer tutorial to downgrade

  1. If you need to install Cydia you have to:-
    Install “ITunes” on you Computeror Laptop
    Connect you iPad Charger in the computer or laptop after you download the iTunes on it
    And last you can download Cydia after you download it in your computer

    • All users need to jailbreak their devices to get Cydia. Cydia unable to install without jailbreak.

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