How to get Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What is Cydia ? How to get Cydia ? These are the problems some persons have about Cydia. We have explained most of the valuable thing about Cydia with If you like to know further more.. Follow our About Cydia page. If you are new to Cydia, You should know these things before install this tool (before jailbreak your devices).

This post I would like to discuss with common matters some persons asking about Cydia. If you are iDevice user, follow us with Safari Browser to install “Cydia Me” for your device. This application navigate users for install Cydia properly to your devices.

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Can Cydia install without jailbreak your device ?

No, You cannot install Cydia for un-jailbroken devices. Cydia can be download only with jailbreak process.

Can Cydia install with online tools ?

No, You are unable to do it with any website or tool. Click here to see more information.

How to get Cydia with jailbreak ?

Actually all the jailbreak tools are integrated Cydia installer function with their software. Therefore user do not worry to install Cydia with recommended jailbreak tool. Cydia installation process is depend with your iOS version. We have mentioned all guides for our loving users. Click following links for step by step guides.

cydia for iPhone

Cydia for iPad

Cydia for iPod

 How to get Cydia after jailbreak your device ?

Cydia will automatically install for your device with jailbreak. If you already jailbreak your device and Cydia will not appear then you can do this installation process with third party applications. But before use this method you need to make sure with successful jailbreak process.

If Cydia will not appear, Please reboot your device. Most of the moments Cydia will appear after rebooting your Apple devices.

 How to install Cydia for Apple TV ?

Apple TV users are also interesting with this application. But Cydia cannot install for your Apple TV devices. Apple TV 2 has an ability to jailbreak using Seasi0npass application, But Apple TV 3 is unable to jailbreak using any applications.

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