Best Cydia apps & tweaks after jailbreak your iDevice [iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2]

Because of great work by the team Pangu, now you can get Cydia for your iOS 9 iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices easily. So, this is the time for the find best Cydia apps & tweaks available in the Cydia app store, to customize & modify your idevice as newer before..Untitled-2

At that time Pangu was released jailbreak for iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2, most of the Cydia apps & tweaks were not working properly because, they not compatible with iOS 9. However, after that all things has fixed & updated. At now, there are so many best Cydia apps & tweaks available for download & install as updated & compatible with new iOS 9 jailbreak.

What are the best Cydia apps & tweaks available for the iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2 jailbroken devices? So, here we like to introduce some grate jailbroken Cydia apps which are essential for your iOS 9 iPhone, iPad or iPod device. Check-out & install on your device for enjoy real features…

iFile – Free

A complete full featured powerful file manager and viewer for jailbroken iPhone, iPad & iPod. This is one of the must have Cydia app for any jailbroken device. Now compatible with the iOS 9 jailbreak.

Filza File Manager – Free

A powerful file manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod. The best iFile alternative for jailbroken devices. Must have Cydia tweak now updated for supports iOS 9.

Activator – Free

Buttons, gestures & new 3D Touch action shortcut management tool. You can assign custom actions to button presses and gestures with this app.

UntetheredHeySiri – Free

Let you to voice activate Siri at any time. In iOS 8, you can activate Siri without pressing button by just saying “Hey Siri”. But, this feature work only when your device is plugged in to the power. This Cydia app allows you to enables Siri at any time saying “Hey Siri” without needing your device plugged in. (This feature is originally available in new iPhone 6S / 6S Plus devices)

New Cydia apps to enable 3D Touch feature (iPhone 6/6 Plus only feature) for all iDevices

  • UniversalForce – Free
    • repo“”
  • RevealMenu – Free
  • Forcy – Free

Best Cydia apps to enable Live Photos (iPhone 6/6 Plus only feature) for all iDevice

  • EnableLivePhotos – Free
  • Live Photos Enabler – Free
    • Repo –
  • PhotosLive – $1.99

betterFiveIconDock  – Free

This Cydia app adds 5th icon to your iPhone’s icon dock. On iPads, this will enable 7 icon dock. (Repo –

betterFivecolumnHomescreen – Free

Allows to add a fifth column to your Home screen app icon layout rather than the default 4. (Repo –

Roundification – Free

The greate Cydia tweak that adds rounded corners to the Notification Center, Banners, Conttrol Center and any more.

CCSettings for iOS 8/9 – Free

Must have Cydia app for your idevice. This lets you to customize Control Center with adding more toggles to it.

Safari Downloader+ – $3.50

Download manager for download anything whatever you want with safari mobile browser. YouTube video downloader is also included

Medus – Free

This is the brand new amazing Cydia weak which brings latest iPad Pro features to all idevices. With Medus, you can run two apps side-by-side and videos in Picture-in-Picture mode on your iPhone.

Repo –

Swipeselection – Free

Very important Cydia tweak  to working with the text. Select text and move the cursor using gestures on the keyboard.

lockGlyph – Free

Touch ID is required. Adds the Apple Pay completed payment animation to the lock screen, and animates when unlocking the device with Touch ID

 iCleaner – Free

One of the must have Cydia app for your iOS 9 idevice. This is the real iOS system Cleaner that removes unnecessary files from your device &  free-up space of memory.

Alkaline – Free

A free battery theming tool. With this small Cydia tweak, you can add custome icons to status bar battery icon.

Zeppelin – Free

This Cydia app lets you to change your carrier logo displays on your iOS device’s status bar. There are  so many funny logos available to change in.

BatteryLife – Free

This tweak displays useful information about your device’s battery health and life, then you can maximize the battery life.

iWidgets – Free

A Cydia Tweak lets you put a Clock or a Calendar widget on your springboard. You can download more awesome widgets by the community, search for “iWidget” in Cydia

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