MovieBox/MovieBox Pro install without Cydia for iOS 15 running iDevices

Cydia is one of the major application which can use to download third party applications for your devices. Cydia included thousands of free and paid applications for Apple users. Cydia is legal application and Cydia app store included third party apps which are rejected by Apple app store. These rejected apps are included many customization applications for users. Therefore thousands of Apple users are jailbreaking and installing Cydia application for their devices. If your device is running iOS 15 beta version, Follow these steps to install MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application.

How to download MovieBox for Your device with/without Cydia

Jailbreak Users

  • Download best jailbreak application compatible with your device
  • Run application & install Cydia for your device
  • Open Cydia and add MovieBox/MovieBox Pro repository for your device
  • Then install MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application with repository for your device

How to install MovieBox Pro without Cydia for iOS 15

You have many methods to install application for your device.

  • App Store based methods
  • IPA based methods
  • Third party apps installations
  • Direct installation links

App store based methods are included KFPanda Player/TestFlight application installation methods for users. IPA based method included AltSigner method for users. First method is the most reliable way to download these applications.

AltSigner method is also provide stable method for users. However this process, Users are required to refresh application every seven days. Otherwise MovieBox/MovieBox Pro applications are gone from your device.

MovieBox/MovieBox Pro alternatives for Cydia users

We can recommend MediaBox and ZiniTevi applications as best alternatives for MovieBox/MovieBox Pro applications. Both of these applications are unable to install for your devices with Cydia. However you can use third party direct download link to install applications for iOS 15 running iDevices. Any error with these applications installation, Please comment here to get solution. Good Luck and enjoy with your favorite movie apps..

Another best alternative application is CucoTV, This application also developed by ZiniTevi application development team for Android devices. You can download application witouht rooting their apple device. This is great advantage for app Android users.

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