Pangu7 jailbreak for iPhone 4 – Cydia iOS 7 download & install

Apple has released their latest versions of iOS 8 for idevice users. iPhone 4S and above idevices are able, upgrade to latest iOS 8 and higher versions. Unfortunately the new iOS 8 version update is not compatible with iPhone 4 devices. Apple dropped iPhone 4 supports from new released of iOS 8. Then, the highest firmware version which can run on iPhone 4 is iOS 7.1.2.Untitled-221

Don’t worry..!  latest iOS 8 is not for your iPhone 4, but there is amazing Cydia with you to download & install. Cydia will gain you to awesome things than the iOS 8, with your iPhone 4 device. Pangu untethered jailbreak will help you to Cydia download & install on your idevice. Cydia iOS 7 is completely managed by the Pangu jailbreak tool & it can jailbreak not only iPhone 4, but also all iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices which are running on iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2. You know, without jailbreak there is no way to get real Cydia on any idevices.

Requirements for install Cydia iOS 7

  • iPhone 4 with running on iOS 7.1-7.1.2
  • A computer running Windows or Mac
  • USB cable to connect your iPhone 4 to the computer

Preparations prior to Pangu jailbreak

  • Fully backup your device before jailbreak
  • Disables all passcode & locks.
    • Settings >> Passcode >> OFF
    • Settings >> General >> Auto-Lock >> Never
  • Close all applications running on your iPhone 4 before the jailbreak
How to jailbreak your iPhone 4 using Pangu jailbreak & install Cydia iOS 7?

Step 1. Download latest version of Pangu jailbreak tool on your computer. Pangu 1.2.1 for Windows | Pangu 1.2.0 for Mac

Step 2. Run the Pangu jailbreak program and Connect your iPhone 4 device to the computer using the USB cable, when the program prompt .

Step 3. Then it will be detected your iPhone 4 device. Click the Jailbreak button to start the jailbreak.

Step 4. It will  ask you to adjust the system date on June 2 2014. Do that as follows

Settings >> General >> Date & Time >> June 2 2014

Step 5. Then, it will continue the jailbreak process and Pangu app icon will appear on your home screen

Step 6. Tap on the Pangu icon in your device’s home screen. It will appear a massage box and hit Continue

Step 7. Wait for complete the process of Cydia download & install. Do not close the program and keep your iPhone connected

Step 8. All complete, your iPhone will automatically reboot & you can see your loving Cydia on Home screen. Enjoy with Amazing Cydia apps…

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24 Comments on “Pangu7 jailbreak for iPhone 4 – Cydia iOS 7 download & install

  1. What is the Cydia or app is used to upgrade an iPhone 4S from IOS 6.1.3, firmware 3.4.03 to an IOS 7 version? I have read about many issues with the 4S on IOS 8 version and would rather just move to IOS 7.

    • You are not allow to upgrade your device to iOS 7 versions. Because, Apple has stopped signing all versions of iOS unless latest iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone 4S.

  2. It doesnt find my device, it just says “loading resources,please wait.”

    will it not work because im on windows 10.

  3. Please help. I factory reset my iphone 4 and now I cant go past registration because it says it is network locked. Is it possible to jailbreak it.

  4. I have restored my iphone 4 by latest itune and latest ios 7.1.2. Then I ready to do jailbreak with pangu 1.2.1

    But when process the pangu it stop in the time adjusting progress.
    The time on my iphone can not change to 2 june 2014. It stopped on current day.

    It looks apple already change the date /calendar not like before. so we can not backdate to 2 june 2014 as pangu asked. so the pangu progress can not continue.
    Please help.

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