Best Cydia apps & tweaks after jailbreak iOS 7 / iOS 8

Among over one billion of iOS devices, more than 40 million has jailbroken with install Cydia. After jailbreak your device, what to do next?? There is thousands of amazing Cydia apps & tweaks available for free & paid to serve your idevice. But, some users haven’t clear idea about what are the best Cydia tweaks & apps must have installed through Cydia. Therefore, we thought to make some guidance for iOS users those who are with Cydia.


Most of the Cydia tweaks are well compatible with iOS 7 jailbreak than the iOS 8 jailbreak. However, large numbers of tweaks & apps now also have updated as iOS 8 jailbreak supports. If you are absolute beginner with iOS jailbreak, our suggestion – best Cydia apps & tweaks list may most important. You can start here & discover Cydia store for farther more.

There are free apps & tweak as well as the paid apps in our list. Because, some of the features & advantages of the paid apps, that not meet with the free apps or tweaks.

Ok ! Here are the listing – Recommended best Cydia apps & tweaks. Download & install through the Cydia for you. Enjoy jailbreak features with Cydia…

OpenSSH – Free

SSH connectivity tool which make secure remote access between machines. If you have a issue with jailbreak or boot loop, can access to the device over SSH connection & fix the problem. Therefore, recommend to install OpenSSH right after the jailbreak your device. (Please make sure to change your root and mobile password right after the installing for avoids authorized remote access.)

iFile – Free trial / $4.00

A complete full featured powerful file manager and viewer for jailbroken iPhone, iPad & iPod. iFile allows user to access rooting file system with fast navigation. You can directly handle so many file types as text, HTML, images, videos, web archives, PDF & compressed file systems. It allows install packages without having to know terminal commands. Can transfer files via a web server or via Bluetooth. iFile gives complete solution for handling files, software & multimedia in your idevice. So, this is one of the must have Cydia app for your jailbroken device.

iCleaner / iClener Pro – Free

The ultimate system cleaner & optimizer. Remove unnecessary files from your idevice cause, free up storage & speed up your device. It can removes unnecessary files such as message attachments, cookies, Safari browsing history, cache files, log files, temporary files, application cache and any more.

There are two separate releases. iClenear for normal users & iClener Pro for advanced users.

Activator – Free

A amazing Cydia app for shortcut management of jailbroken iOS devices. “Activator” allows you to assign custom actions to gestures and button presses for your idevice. Using this app, you can arrange bunch of shortcuts to work with your device easier. If you are busy user, Activator is the must have tweak for you.

WinterBoard – Free

The best theming app by the Cydia developer – Saurik. This app gives you to freedom for customize your devices’ look and feel as you wish. It allows you to download & install custom themes through Cydia & you can change the look your device uncommon.

BytaFont 2 – Free

This tweak can change the system font on your jailbroken idevice. For that, it allows bundle of fonts to download. With BytaFont 2, you can change the fonts in system, apps, Lock screen & any more.

Safari Downloader+ $3.50

Safari Downloader+ allowing you to download anything whatever you want with safari mobile browser. This download manager extension provides all in one solution for all your downloading needs and media related activities. It also integrated with video downloaded which can download video from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and Vimeo. It includes pause & resuming support for any download.

Safari Download Enabler is the FREE alternative to the Safari Downloader+. But, it cannot download YouTube video because YouTube video downloader not included.

 Browser Changer – Free

Browser Changer allows you to set third party web browser as your device’s default browser other than the Safari.
Also can redirect map links to open in the Google Maps app. After installing this Cydia app, you can select browser for your default in the Settings app.

BioLockdown – $2.99

This is a great Cydia app for protect your most personal things in your jailbroken device. It gives Fingerprint protection for access to apps, settings and control center switches. So, using BioLockdown, you allows to lock & protect apps, settings as well as the control center switches individually & separately. This app works with Touch ID fingerprint sensor of your idevice.

My3G – $3.99 (Free 3 days trial)

My3G allows users to use their cellular connection (3G/LTE) for high quality video streaming. With My3G, you can now watch High definition YouTube videos, use Amazon Instant Video, Facetime, iCloud PhotoStream and any more apps over the your 3G/LTE network.

ForceGoodFit – Free

This is the must have Cydia tweak  for latest iPhone 6 & 6 Plus users. The older apps, which aren’t optimized for the large screen iPhone devices. ForceGoodFit resize the whatever app to fit iPhone 6 or 6 Plus screen.

TetherMe for iOS8+ – $4.99

Make your idevice into a personal hotspot. It enables the native tethering functionality of your idevice and gives you the option to share data from a VPN or to share a WiFi connection to USB. So, you can use your idevice’s internet connection on your computer or other devices.

Please note : There is no App installed, settings are available under TetherMe in Settings.

UntetheredHeySiri – Free

Let you to voice activate Siri at any time. In iOS 8, you can activate Siri without pressing button by just saying “Hey Siri”. But, this feature work only when your device is plugged in to the power. This Cydia app allows you to enables Siri at any time saying “Hey Siri” without needing your device plugged in.

ReachApp – Free

Split your idevice screen for true multitasking. Then, you can run two apps simultaneously within the single screen. If you have large screen iPhone device such as iPhoone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, this is very important Cydia tweak for you.


Are you used older 4 inch iPhone device such as iPhone 5, 5C or 5S with resolution 640*1136? So, this app for you. The Cydia app – “Upscale” can arrange your device as iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus resolution like 750*1334 or 1242*2208. As well as you can set it your own custom resolution.

Rotate+ –  Free

This is the new Cydia tweak for iOS 8 jailbreak users. Rotate+ enables landscape mode for home screen and many apps for all iPhone devices. The iPads & iPhone 6 Plus like larger screen devices already have integrated this features & with Rotate+ Cydia app, you allow to run in the split mode landscape, with list on the side and content on the other side for on iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C & iPhone 5.

LittleBrother – $1.99

Good alternate for “Rotate+” app. In addition, this includes the functionality of “Upscale” tweak also. So, this Cydia tweak brings 2 in 1 features for your jailbroken device.

AirBlue Sharing – $4.99

This is the must have Cydia app for idevice users also has updated for iOS  8 jailbreak devices.  Using “AirBlue Sharing” you can send and receive files with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth. This allows you to share any type of file easily with other type of devices like Android, Blackberry, Mac or PC. So, this a amazing app & one of the good reason for jailbreak your device.

CroppingScreen – Free

This is the best Cydia tweak for take screen shots  of your device. In addition, “CroppingScreen” allow you to take screen shots of selected area of your screen. Press the home & power button together, then you can drag your finger to select the area of the screen you want to screenshot.


This app allows you to bring best looking Apple Watch UI for your idevice. “Aeternum” also provides smooth animations, dock & ability to rearrange app icons. If you are a iOS 8 users? install this new app on your device & enjoy modern feeling.

Andrios – $3.99

Are you also Android lover? This is the must have Cydia tweak for you. This Cydia tweak brings awesome Android experience for iOS users as never before..

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