Cydia for Apple Watch – Can jailbreak iWatch & How ?

All things are now ready. Apple’s most personal device – Apple will start shipping all new “Apple Watch” on 24th of April 2015. With this wonderful device, you are able to get bunch of smart features on your wrist. Then, we know what next is you waiting for after released the new Apple device or a iOS version. So, can get Cydia on Apple Watch? Is possible Apple Watch jailbreak .?


On September 9 of 2014, Apple initially announced their upcoming smart device – Apple Watch. You can pre-order it from 10th of April & start to ship on 24, April 2015. So, we can see iWatch on people’s wrist onward after few days.

What are the features coming with Apple Watch ?

  • Can send & receive massages
  • Can Answer the phone calls (it cannot make a phone call)
  • Apple Watch is able to receive notifications
  • Apple Watch apps – built-in & downloadable
  • Can be used to make payments with Apple Pay
  • Fitness and Health Tracking
  • Can use as a Hotels & car key
  • Remote control function
  • Integrated Siri – Apples voice control assistance

The Watch OS

What is the operating system which runs on the Apple Watch? It’s called Watch OS. The Watch OS is developed based on the Apples’ iOS mobile operating system & many features are like iOS. The Watch OS is compatible & integration with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus devices which are running on iOS 8.2 or above versions. But, iOS 8.2 iPad & iPod devices are cannot be paired with the Watch.

Apple Watch jailbreak – Benefits

Like other Apple devices, jailbreak will realize more benefits for the Apple Watch. As we say all the time, this is about the freedom. Not only the freedom as well as about the features & functionality, look & feel, also the control of the device.

For all those above there is a all in one solution – Cydia. This will be the featured app store for Apple Watch as alternative. Jailbreak gives chance to install Cydia for iWatch. Then, you are allowed to customize iWatch through Cydia apps as your dreams.

Apple already built in few applications on the Watch device & let you few more to download but, with this common apps you cannot make your device unique. Jailbreak removes Apples restrictions and allows users to download & install apps from another app store like Cydia. Then you can make your device unlimited uncommon.

As mention above, Apple do not allow to pair all iOS 8.2 devices with the iWatch. iPhone 4S, iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Air2, iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3 & iPod 5G running iOS 8.2 users were abandoned. So, Apple Watch jailbreak will give those device users to some solution for communicate with the iWatch. Because the Watch cannot be used individually without pair another device like iPhone.

Apple Watch jailbreak – Can ? How ?

Apple Watch is the all new product by the company. The Watch OS also have never seen before. So, how to jailbreak iWatch. It is possible? Yes, absolutely. The Watch jailbreak is never easy for hackers but, it is not impossible thing. There is a probability to jailbreak with Cydia install for Apple Watch. The Watch OS is made based on the iOS 8.2 version. Therefore, most parts of the Watch OS are similar with iOS 8.2. So, there is a silver gate for jailbreak iWatch through the iOS 8.2 jailbreak.

Still not it true iOS 8.2 unjailbreakable. But, in near future it becomes true. When the time, we can see the response of the jailbreak developers about the Apple Watch jailbreak. Keep your hopes Cydia for Apple Watch. Never forget, all the time jailbreakers stay step ahead the Apple developers. What about your idea..?


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