Cydia iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2 jailbreak Review

Apple iOS 10 jailbreak public release is pending for all jailbreak loving users in the world. Most of Cydia users are not updating their iOS 9 version to iOS 10. Because really they know the benefits of Cydia. Apple just released iOS 10.1 stable version update for iPhone, iPad, iPod users & next major update will be the iOS 10.2. Can I get my Cydia with iOS 10.1 jailbreak ? Or, have to wait for upcoming iOS 10.2 jailbreak ?


Can install Cydia for iOS 10.1 ?

Actually Cydia unable to install for iOS 10 devices at this moment. Because jailbreak tool not released for the public. The iOS hackers, iH8snow & Luca Todesco have jailbroken & install Cydia for iOS 10, but they didn’t released to the public yet. Your loving Pangu team also already has jailbroken iOS 10 beta version and they are willing to release iOS 10 jailbreak solution for you.

Follow jailbreak detecting software for iOS 10.1

MOSEC Pangu demoed to jailbreak iOS 10

Luca already has jailbroken iOS 10 latest version

Follow – iOS 10 jailbreak by iH8snow

Zerodium is Offer $ 1.5 million for iOS 10 Jailbreak. This will be good news Jailbreak teams to public release for  their iOS 10 jailbreak solution. Actually great Pangu team is not expecting money for their software. Pangu team included Chinese security experts. They have already released jailbreak solution for loving users several time.

Fake Jailbreak and Cydia alerts iOS 10

All Cydia loving users need to careful to jailbreak their devices with un-trusted jailbreak tools. Most of the untrusted tools will harm to your device. Also you need to protect your personal information (ex credit card) using un-proper installation. These tools will not install real Cydia for you. Cydia application developed by Mr.Saurik.

Click Here – More information about Cydia

How to install Cydia for iOS 10, upcoming iOS 10.1, 10.2

  1. Follow jailbreak detecting tool
  2. Install this solution for your device
  3. Follow this tool to install Cydia application any software update

Cydia application can install for your device only with jailbreak solution. You are unable to find Cydia application alternative software this moment. We have seen iMods team release their solution for first registered members. But iMods also with development stage now, Our loving users please wait until jailbreak/Cydia release for you.

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28 Comments on “Cydia iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2 jailbreak Review

  1. I’m using ios 10.1 and I already install cyHelper, but in the setting where I install cyhelper, it says “not verified” with red font instead of “verified” with the green font. However, I can see cyhelper on my screen and as I enter cyhelper application, the link to download cydia take me to this website again. I can’t find next steps to get cydia on my phone from this website. Thus if you may construct steps after eighter on this website or send it directly to my e-mail as I signed above.

    • Actually Cydia cannot install for iOS 10 versions now. We have developed cyHelper tool to protect users from fake Cydia applications. Please touch with cyHelper to get real Cydia soon. If not verified Go to Settings -> General -> Profile & verify this application

    • Install- Cydia can install iOS 3 to iOS 9.3.3 running devices.
      Unable to install – iOS 9.3.4 – iOS 10.1 devices unable to install this moment.
      Please keep cyHelper tool with your device. This tool can install with

  2. I want this app and i have ios 10.0.2 and iphone 5s i dont know what i have to do now i tery this so much
    Can you help me?

    • Your iOS 10.0.2 device unable to install Cydia application now.
      Jailbreak will be release soon compatible with your device to install Cydia. Pls wait & touch with us with facebook,twitter,g+

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