What is iMods ? | Review of Cydia Alternative iMods App Store

6 years after, the true alternative has arrived for Cydia to iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. This is iMods, the brand new app store for Apple iOS devices. iMods is the new innervation which allows streamline iOS customization like newer before. So, when you iMods download on your iOS device, then you will be free to modify & manage it all new way..www1Actually, iMods is now on at the developing stage so, there is still not available for the pblic yet. However, the iMods app store developers have pulled out on-demand video of iMods beta. That video shows some fascinating information about new iMods UI and functionalists. Locks like it is fashionable and well suite with the latest firmware like iOS 8 & 9. After released iMods beta for the public, you also can touch & feel this modernized UI and how it’s behave.imods6The history of origin of iMods goes to the beginning of this year. During this short of little year, the team behind the iMods have worked hard for iMods new app store. As they had promised, going to take over the beta version of  iMods jailbreak store to the public.www2

Exactly, What is iMods ??

iMods is a jailbreak app store like Cydia for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices. This provides all new way to customize & modify your iOS device freely. With iMods, you can find, download, install, update, delete and manage new powerful tweaks and customize iOS devices as unique way. iMods will also install on your device with some sort of jailbreak tool, but it re-brand jailbreaking & expecting to easy to use for new iOS owners those who are wish to non jailbreak.

Who are the targeting audience of iMods ?
  • New iOS owners who have never heard of Jailbreaking
  • Peoples, those who are not sure about jail-breaking
  • iOS users are not in favor of jailbreaking, because it hard to do.

That is why, they trying to re-brand jailbreak.

How to download & install iMods?

Using a special tool (like a jailbreak tool) iMods will be install on iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. (Actually jailbreaking is re-branding in iMods). The iMods installer installs iMods wirelessly on your iDevice.

iMods features

  • Very user friendly – much more comfortable than Cydia
  • Modern stylish UI – well matching with iOS 8
  • Do not want to jailbreak the device. Users can “iMod” the device and install iMods. (Only re-brand.  jailbreak –> iMod)
  • Able to customize user profile
  • Continuous monitoring – If a tweak has a problem and it doesn’t work properly or crashes often, it will be taken it down from the iMods store, so users are not scare about.
  • You can find tweaks easily and effectively – well categorized with “top free”, “top paid”, “new items”..
When iMods release for the public ?

The beta release of iMods will soon out for the public audience. The team of  iMods says..

“Trust us when we say that we are trying our best get this project out to users as soon as we can. We still think it is completely feasible to get the first version of iMods out before the end of the year and the public beta out well before that.”

Update 1 :

Official iMods beta walkthrough video has released..! Watch it

Update 2 :

iMods public beta release is started.! Here’s full story..

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11 Comments on “What is iMods ? | Review of Cydia Alternative iMods App Store

  1. can i keep the cydia and install imods and have them at the same time and will it wor on ios 7 and does it stop the updates or will not make me update thx

  2. Where’s your iMod download link for public now? It has already been 6 months since your last announcement.

    • Sry.. iMods development still not released this software for users. This tool underdevelopment this moment.

      • Hope it comes out soon if it does please tell me how to get it on iOS 9.3.1

        • Cydia unable to install iOS 9.3.1 now, Some fake methods will brick your device. Wait until jailbreak release for users

  3. Do you think Cydia will be available for iOS 9.3.1 soon I have been looking everywhere for it please help and a good version of Cydia that lets you add sources I have too that don’t let me and always say screen title or something please help

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